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1. adjective Dishonest or unfair; vile or despicable; contemptible. Always used prenominally. The guy I've been seeing turned out to be a low-down, cheating rat! You're nothing but a low-down coward, you know that? My low-down boss fired me, even though it was his mistake that lost us the client!
2. noun The truth, facts, or most pertinent information about something. OK, here's the low-down: I've got a great business opportunity lined up, but I need to borrow a few thousand dollars to get it off the ground. This is Jane—she'll give you the low-down on day-to-day tasks around the office.

*lowdown (on someone or something)

the full story about someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I need to get the lowdown on John. Is he still an accountant? Sally wants to get the lowdown on the new pension plan. Please tell her all about it.

the lowdown on

The whole truth about something, as in We're waiting to hear the lowdown on what happened after we left. This term uses lowdown in the sense of "the basic or fundamental part." [Slang; early 1900s]
See also: lowdown, on


1. mod. rotten; bad. What a dirty, lowdown thing to do.
2. n. the facts on something; the scuttlebutt about something. What’s the lowdown on that funny statue in the park?
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The low-down: Excuse us, but last time we checked, diamonds smell of precisely nothing, whatever colour they are.
We would explain to you how they did it but we're a bit pushed for time at the moment - got to meet someone down the pub - so best you tune in to get the low-down on this subterranean, sub-atomic breakthrough that could change the meaning of life as we know it.
The X1 goes on sale in October, by which time we'll have the low-down on the road test for you.
I know Alex McLeish likes to keep things on the low-down but in the case of our best and most-liked player he should change his policy.
A FORMER Mafia insider will give visitors to Berwick Hills Library the low-down on organised crime on the streets of New York.
The debate topics are always engaging, ranging from the high-minded ("The Iraq War: Stay the Course or Bring them Home?") to the low-down ("Cross-Party Dating: The Pick-Ups, Perils and Pitfalls").
Debbie and I will be at the forefront of the celeb world 24/7 giving you the low-down on who's who, who's doing what and who to!
the Vikings are coming to Knowsley Flower Show Pictures: JASON ROBERTS; Vicky Bond checks out some blooms, left, while Tia Maguire gets the low-down on the event at Court Hey Park
Barish gives the history of each monastery, its artwork and products, and even the low-down on local events.
Johnson, best-selling author of Dating Games and The Harris Family, delivers an absorbing and provocative new novel about the low-down schemes and broken dreams that follow a fractured marriage.
And praise to all the House members who had the courage to stand up and denounce the low-down Republican tactics that were disenfranchising predominantly African American voters.
I read with interest the Sisterspeak article, "The Low-Down on the Down-Low" (Aug.
The event, organised by Coventry's Herbert Art Gallery, will see a troop of Roman soldiers perform armoury displays, fighting and other activities in a realistic Roman encampment where visitors will be able to get the low-down on the Roman way of life.
As always, Craig Charles presents the action and Julie Reed gets the low-down and gossip from the roboteers in the pits.
Beyond the wide range of collected voices which filter through this volume, and beyond their collective social and political concerns, this is a gifted assembly of fresh new poets ready to sing about the low-down blues, about heritage, about craft, about music, about ancestors, about love lost and sex, which demonstrates that they are ready to become seasoned writers concerned with language and the craft of making excellent poems.