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1. adjective (used prenominally) Dishonest or unfair; vile or despicable; contemptible. The guy I've been seeing turned out to be a low-down, cheating rat! You're nothing but a low-down coward, you know that? My low-down boss fired me, even though it was his mistake that lost us the client!
2. noun The truth, facts, or most pertinent information about something. OK, here's the low-down: I've got a great business opportunity lined up, but I need to borrow a few thousand dollars to get it off the ground. This is Jane—she'll give you the low-down on day-to-day tasks around the office.

*lowdown (on someone or something)

the full story about someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I need to get the lowdown on John. Is he still an accountant? Sally wants to get the lowdown on the new pension plan. Please tell her all about it.


1. mod. rotten; bad. What a dirty, lowdown thing to do.
2. n. the facts on something; the scuttlebutt about something. What’s the lowdown on that funny statue in the park?
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The X1 goes on sale in October, by which time we'll have the low-down on the road test for you.
Barish gives the history of each monastery, its artwork and products, and even the low-down on local events.
Johnson, best-selling author of Dating Games and The Harris Family, delivers an absorbing and provocative new novel about the low-down schemes and broken dreams that follow a fractured marriage.
And praise to all the House members who had the courage to stand up and denounce the low-down Republican tactics that were disenfranchising predominantly African American voters.
The central driving force of the action is McDaniel, who skillfully segues back and forth from being the sophisticated ongoing narrator to inhabiting the low-down persona of Fagin.
Beyond the wide range of collected voices which filter through this volume, and beyond their collective social and political concerns, this is a gifted assembly of fresh new poets ready to sing about the low-down blues, about heritage, about craft, about music, about ancestors, about love lost and sex, which demonstrates that they are ready to become seasoned writers concerned with language and the craft of making excellent poems.
Television Unmoored delivers the low-down on the top players driving this sector, providing information-packed profiles of place-shifting leaders including:
They have the low-down on all types of grape and, best of all, tell you which wine goes well with which dish.
The show has been re-formatted around some of the articles featured in the magazine and Bluff writers and contributors will be appearing regularly to bring you the low-down on the gossip and happenings on the circuit.
Get the low-down on two small-cap stocks from Mike Chrisman and whether they will be the next big leader.
From San Francisco to Boston, the weekly e-newsletters conveniently deliver local conversation, the low-down on what's happening around town, and deals from local businesses directly to subscribers' e-mail boxes.