the loose ends/threads

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loose ends

The aspects of something that are unresolved or unfinished. I just need to tie up a few loose ends before I put the house up for sale. My thesis is almost done—the only loose ends are formatting and proofreading. I have a few loose ends I want to address before I move out West.
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loose ends

Unfinished details, incomplete business. For example, We've not quite finished the project; there are still some loose ends. This expression alludes to the ends of a rope or cable that should be fastened. [Mid-1800s] Also see at loose ends.
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loose ends

COMMON If there are loose ends in a piece of work, there are small details or parts of it that have not been finished or dealt with yet. We have to make certain that as we move on to the next stage there are no loose ends. Note: People often talk about tying up loose ends to mean dealing with these details. There are still a few loose ends on the project to be tied up. Compare with at loose ends. Note: This expression may refer to the ropes on a sailing ship. The ends of the ropes had to be tightly bound to stop them fraying, and sailors were often given this job to do when there was nothing more urgent to be done.
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the loose ˈends/ˈthreads

the minor details of something which have still not been dealt with or explained: We’ve almost finished the report. There are just a few loose ends to tie up and then it’ll be ready.It’s a very unsatisfactory detective story. You know who committed the murder, but there are far too many loose ends.
A loose end/thread is the end of a piece of string or thread that is not tied to anything else.
See also: end, loose, thread
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Her latest novel Farandula is set in the theatre and showbiz world, and according to the author, has established connections with the loose threads in her previous novels.
We'll have to enjoy Downton while it lasts as, by Christmas, all the loose threads, just like in Cousin Violet's corset, must be tied up.
The excessive running time might put off some audiences, but patience is rewarded with fine performances and a slick final act that ties up most of the loose threads.
Washington, Apr 9 (ANI): In a bid to cut all the loose threads in the Sarah Palin clothing saga during US Presidential elections, the Republican National Committee filed an amended report late last month, which shows in detail exactly which disbursements were clothing purchases for the Alaska Governor and her family.
A codaneatly ties up all of the loose threads, ensuring happy endings for all.
Carroll has to begin sewing up all of the loose threads for the characters and bring them out to the fleet and the first missions over Afghanistan--and he does it well.
While some of us try to reweave the loose threads of our biological families back together, others look to community groups for the comfort and support of kinship.
Mr O'Driscoll, who died in September from causes unrelated to the incident, was standing at a chip van waiting for his food last March when the loose threads on his coat were set alight.
The finale, however, lacks the requisite dramatic punch to tie together the loose threads.
Cut the loose threads on the tip of the shoe and darn it again.
He must also be creative, and able to pick out the loose threads in what may appear a seamless web of falsified financial records.
To a knitting together of the loose threads of our culture, making theatre talk to poetry, linking healthcare to literature and putting our writers and their work in public places from the Cardiff Bay Barrage to the lighthouses off Anglesey.
As Bruce struggles to connect all the loose threads, with little help from Fine, if indeed it is her, so he begins to re-examine his own life and marriage, which broke up almost the same time as Fine first disappeared.