the law of averages

law of averages

The idea that no one result will happen all the time. Don't worry, you'll score a goal eventually. It's just the law of averages.
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law of averages

The idea that probability will influence all occurrences in the long term, that one will neither win nor lose all of the time. For example, If it rains every day this week, by the law of averages we're bound to get a sunny day soon . This colloquial term is a popular interpretation of a statistical principle, Bernoulli's theorem, formulated in the late 1600s.
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the ˌlaw of ˈaverages

the principle that one thing will happen as often as another if you try enough times: Keep applying for jobs and by the law of averages you’ll get one sooner or later.
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3 FAITH IN THE LAW OF AVERAGES Newcastle clocked up their first league win last weekend against Norwich City but, nine games into the season, Sunderland are still awaiting their first victory.
Keeping in touch with a developed network will put the law of averages in favor and increase the likelihood of viable offers.
He is not dependent on the law of averages, though, as his sizzling early should carry him clear and it will then be a case of catch me if you can.
I shall continue to back Serena (above) to win in straight sets because I have the law on my side, the law of averages.
The law of averages says it will be one hen and one cockerel.
John's High coach Bob Foley chalked up his team's 50-point second half to simply the law of averages.
So if we have lost seven in a row then it is a good time to break that cycle and the law of averages would suggest there is a win coming for us soon.
50 every week to play, said: "It's baffling - by the law of averages, someone should have won it by now.
With three St Helens players having made the World Championships, the law of averages suggest at least one will go far at the Ally Pally.
I said to my dad before the game that I'd probably score because of the law of averages.
Duffield continued that the search area had been designated by the safety bureau and that if it is within their search ares, they will find it and that the law of averages show that they could find it on day 1 as easily as on day 365.
The law of averages suggest Liverpool can't hang on in every match, so Brendan Rodgers will want to get into the minds of his players.
Please remember the law of averages which says 'We cannot be wrong all the time.
jeansie YES it wasn't great and yes we should beat teams like that but the law of averages says we'll have worse days this season and hopefully many better ones.
But she does like an all-night bender so by booking three different venues, at least the record label are assured - on the law of averages - that she'll turn up in one of them," a source said.