the law of averages

law of averages

The idea that no one result will happen all the time. Don't worry, you'll score a goal eventually. It's just the law of averages.
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law of averages

The idea that probability will influence all occurrences in the long term, that one will neither win nor lose all of the time. For example, If it rains every day this week, by the law of averages we're bound to get a sunny day soon . This colloquial term is a popular interpretation of a statistical principle, Bernoulli's theorem, formulated in the late 1600s.
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the ˌlaw of ˈaverages

the principle that one thing will happen as often as another if you try enough times: Keep applying for jobs and by the law of averages you’ll get one sooner or later.
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And while it's hard to see him moving out on his own today with on-fire Manchester City Palace's opponents, the Argentinian above) knows the law of averages means Pep Guardiola's men have to fire blank one day.
England can either be intimidated by those numbers, or believe that it's time for the law of averages to kick in.
This year, true to the law of averages, the market lost 4.
BY the law of averages, even this lot in government must get something right eventually.
FARLOE RUMBLE had little luck with the draw for two seasons, but new trainer Curtis McGrath is benefiting from the law of averages as the Irish Derby and Laurels finalist gets red for the second week in a row in the second semi-final of the Tennents Gold Cup at Drumbo Park tonight, writes Michael Fortune.
Keeping in touch with a developed network will put the law of averages in favor and increase the likelihood of viable offers.
The law of averages says it will be one hen and one cockerel.
John's High coach Bob Foley chalked up his team's 50-point second half to simply the law of averages.
So if we have lost seven in a row then it is a good time to break that cycle and the law of averages would suggest there is a win coming for us soon.
With three St Helens players having made the World Championships, the law of averages suggest at least one will go far at the Ally Pally.
GUS Poyet believes Sunderland have the Law of Averages on their side as they prepare to take on Cardiff tomorrow.
The law of averages suggest Liverpool can't hang on in every match, so Brendan Rodgers will want to get into the minds of his players.
The problem with the World Series of Poker is because there is no barrier to entry beyond a fee, the tournament is flooded with amateur competitors, and the law of averages invariably finds many of them, and not the sport's best, in the final, big-money games.
jeansie YES it wasn't great and yes we should beat teams like that but the law of averages says we'll have worse days this season and hopefully many better ones.
This effectively deprives them of the beneficial side (from the batsman's point) of the law of averages, and leaves them always on the negative side (though the batsman could himself subject atleast some of the negative decisions to review).