the lap of luxury

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the lap of luxury

A luxurious and comfortable lifestyle due to one's abundant money and resources. After winning the lottery, they moved to Paris so they could live in the lap of luxury. The fact that he grew up in the lap of luxury was used to discredit the candidate's claim of wanting to represent working-class citizens. Compared to life the village where he grew up, my grandfather said earning minimum wage and living in a one-bedroom apartment in New York felt like the lap of luxury to him.
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lap of luxury

Fig. a luxurious situation. I rather enjoy living in the lap of luxury. You call this pigpen the lap of luxury?
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the lap of luxury

Conditions of great affluence or material comfort: an heiress living in the lap of luxury.
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lap of luxury, the

Affluent circumstances. This term, with its allusion to a traditional place of comfort and ease, the human lap, no doubt owes its popularity to its fluid alliteration. It dates from the late eighteenth century and appeared in print in 1802 in Maria Edgeworth’s Moral Tales.
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Those poor, lovely disabled people are not exempt from this and the two judges threw out their case, but added there should be some improvements made to this tax-grabbing law introduced by Iain Duncan Smith who, like his MP colleagues, lives in the lap of luxury totally out of touch with the real world.
How about doing it in style in the lap of luxury on board a running train?
Great SafarisO Great Tanzania Wing Safari itinerary spends eight days on TanzaniaOs safari circuit in the lap of luxury.
The newspaper quoted a senior Whitehall official as saying: "It's not fair for lower ranks to suffer cutbacks while their commanders live in the lap of luxury at a time of austerity.
RAIL passengers will be able to travel in the lap of luxury this summer after the cost of first class seats were slashed.
We're thrilled to provide our members with a breathtaking new way to enjoy the lap of luxury on the high seas.
SPREAD (18, 97 mins) Hustler Ashton Kutcher stars in a tawdry account of dalliances in the lap of luxury with Anne Heche.
With such low prices and some great deals around, travellers can enjoy a night in the lap of luxury for less than ever.
I have a pension of 2,400 [pounds sterling] a year, rising by three per cent a year, so am hardly in the lap of luxury when I see the salaries that some members earn and the pensions that must go with these.
If it wasn't enough to lose their precious child, they now have to live with the knowledge that his killer's family will be living it up in the lap of luxury.
JAGUAR'S pretty X-Type was launched in 2001, so prices are now down to a cheap as chips pounds 5,000, if you fancy the lap of luxury.
Vouchers worth pounds 10,000 to stay in the lap of luxury around the globe are being offered with the final apartment for sale at Wainbody House.
AD Aviation, which flies from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, are offering packages from pounds 15,000 to get budding supporters and their mates to and from the game in the lap of luxury.
A terminally ill advertising executive is given the chance to spend his last days in the lap of luxury.