the lap of luxury

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the lap of luxury

A luxurious and comfortable lifestyle due to one's abundant money and resources. After winning the lottery, they moved to Paris so they could live in the lap of luxury. The fact that he grew up in the lap of luxury was used to discredit the candidate's claim of wanting to represent working-class citizens. Compared to life the village where he grew up, my grandfather said earning minimum wage and living in a one-bedroom apartment in New York felt like the lap of luxury to him.
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lap of luxury

Fig. a luxurious situation. I rather enjoy living in the lap of luxury. You call this pigpen the lap of luxury?
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the lap of luxury

Conditions of great affluence or material comfort: an heiress living in the lap of luxury.
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lap of luxury, the

Affluent circumstances. This term, with its allusion to a traditional place of comfort and ease, the human lap, no doubt owes its popularity to its fluid alliteration. It dates from the late eighteenth century and appeared in print in 1802 in Maria Edgeworth’s Moral Tales.
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PAUL LAWRIE is staying in the lap of luxury this week as Gleneagles always put their defending champ in one of the hotel's finest suites.
All I would say to this cosseted couple - the taxpayer keeps you two in the lap of luxury, no one else, and as far as I am concerned, you must take the shots when they come along, if you pardon the pun.
Allan can now look forward to a weekend in the lap of luxury when our grand final takes place at the five star Fairmont St Andrews resort.
His basic wage would keep any Teessider in the lap of luxury at pounds 120,200 but on top of that he also gets a pounds 50,000 retention package, pounds 32,000 car allowance, pounds 24,000 "honorarium" -whatever that means, totalling pounds 226,200.
"With such low prices and some great deals around, travellers can enjoy a night in the lap of luxury for less than ever."
The Press, pundits, pressure groups and some politicians are queuing up to claim that we are living in the lap of luxury (really?) and are going to have to tighten our belts and endure cutbacks or closures in public services.
Those fortunate enough to be on the guest list for such a package can expect to watch the Test match in the lap of luxury.
It wasn't him who won and it's a bloody big (not to mention arrogant) assumption that Angela's going to give him enough to keep him in the lap of luxury for life.
AD Aviation, which flies from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, are offering packages from pounds 15,000 to get budding supporters and their mates to and from the game in the lap of luxury.
COVENTRY City Farm's bunnies and guinea pigs will be living in the lap of luxury when their runs and cages are refurbished thanks to a major donation.
She should be sitting back in the lap of luxury after selling tens of thousands of records and being bigger than The Beatles in Ireland in the 70s - there's not many can claim that.
If that's true how do so many pensioners manage to keep dogs and keep them in the lap of luxury at that?
And they even throw in an exotic dancer so you're really in the lap of luxury!
Also Mrs George, aka Helen Gibson, my groom, for looking after me and taking me racing and at whose stables I am now living in the lap of luxury and being spoilt rotten.
we like to don sunglasses,glance at the sun,glance at the snow, then pretend we're in the lap of luxury in a swanky ski resort.