the kiss of life

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the kiss of life

Artificial respiration, that is, the blowing into the mouth of a person who has stopped breathing so as to force air in and out of their lungs. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I was a lifeguard at the local pool for five years, but I've only had to give the kiss of life to someone once.
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kiss of life

1 mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 2 an action or event that revives a failing enterprise.
2 1997 Anthony Barnett This Time She gave a decrepit institution the kiss of life, when she became its adversary.
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the kiss of ˈlife

(British English)
1 a method of helping somebody who has stopped breathing to breathe again by placing your mouth on theirs and forcing air into their lungs: He gave the child the kiss of life, but unfortunately it was too late to save her.
2 any thing or action that saves an organization, business, etc: This loan is the kiss of life that our company needs.
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I took him down and tried to give him the kiss of life.
A DOG trapped in the bedroom of a blazing house was saved by firefighters with the kiss of life.
A DOG was given the kiss of life after being saved by firefighters following a house fire in Wolverhampton.
The crook's hammerwielding accomplice fled, leaving stunned staff to give the kiss of life and ring for an ambulance.
Earlier this year the BHF became the first organisation in the UK to tell anyone untrained in CPR to ignore the kiss of life in favour of hard and fast chest compressions.
So the British Heart Foundation (BHF) is urging members of the public to concentrate on chest compressions rather than the kiss of life - and they say doing it to the tune of the Bee Gees hit Stayin' Alive is the best way for an untrained person to help save the life of someone having a heart attack.
PEOPLE are being urged not to give the kiss of life during CPR but to concentrate instead on chest compressions.
A Plymouth builder gave a lucky dog the kiss of life, using skills learned from Baywatch.
London, Nov 17 (ANI): The kiss of life can actually lower the chances of survival of patients who have suffered cardiac arrest, reveals a new study.
A WOMAN had to be given the kiss of life after a flat fire in Liverpool.
A TRAFFIC warden took a break from ticketing cars to give a man the kiss of life - before immediately returning to her duties.
The horrified dad-of-five saved him by giving the kiss of life at the roadside.
Senator John Kerry once rescued his children's pet hamster from the sea and gave it the kiss of life, his daughter Alexandra has said.