the jet set

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the jet set

A group of wealthy individuals who travel globally, especially by private jet, to frequent fashionable resorts, social events, and the like. Mark's dream of joining the jet set finally came to fruition after he won the lottery.
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the ˈjet set

the group of very rich and fashionable people who travel a lot, either on business or for pleasure: She’s really joined the jet set now, skiing in St. Moritz, winter holidays in Barbados, shopping in Paris... ▶ ˈjet-setter noun a person who belongs to the jet set: His job takes him to New York, Tokyo, Rome and Madrid. He’s a real jet-setter.
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jet set

A fashionable social group. The term, which originated in the 1950s soon after the introduction of travel by jet-propelled aircraft, caught on rapidly, probably aided by its rhyme. It was applied first to the affluent socialites who traveled around the world to fashionable resorts; later it was extended to a well-to-do social group in general, whether or not its members actually traveled frequently. It replaced the earlier smart set, at least in America. See also beautiful people.
See also: jet, set
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com)-- After a summer long search, The Jet Set welcomes Nikki Noya as co-host to join Gailen David and Bobby Laurie at the custom wing-desk.
The Jet Set team will be visiting the region to hold auditions in the coming weeks.
The Jet Set Go Go Lounge at club Budda promises to pamper and preen the parts other nights fail to reach.
The Jet Set show, which was scheduled to end this Saturday, has won more than one million extra viewers thanks to the Welsh pair and earned a four-week reprieve.
For a more festive atmosphere, join the jet set crowd at Le-Ti St.
That seems to be the strategy of Songs for the Jet Set, Vol.
But the Herald said the Jet Set deal shows that tickets going overseas were worth considerably more than those at home.