the high point/spot of something

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high point (of something)

A particularly successful, enjoyable, or proud period or moment (of something). Being named Poet Laureate was definitely the high point of my career. The sudden—and frankly surprising—success of my second book was definitely a high point, but I write for the love of telling stories, not the success it might bring.
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the ˈhigh point/spot of something

the best, most interesting, entertaining, etc. part of something: The high spot of our trip was the visit to Rome.It was the high point of the evening.
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I was born in Sparkhill and the high spot of the week was Saturday afternoon when my brothers and friends went to the Springfield Cinema in Stratford Road - it was twopence entrance fee and a halfpenny to spend.
The high spot of its short working life was when someone added liquid soap to the water and filled the High Street with bubbles.
The high spot of the 17-yearolds'' summer holiday was to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Himalayas with an exploration society.
Tomorrow's launch is the high spot of a series of achievements, which have taken place at the school over the past four years, adding the new technology to the already impressive ICT Suite, smart boards and laptops in use.
When I'm on holiday abroad the high spot of any day is the moment when I lay hands on English newspapers.
The high spot of the interiors is the huge, split level family room with solid oak flooring, open to the showpiece, 28ft long kitchen.
The high spot of Englishman Horsey's day came on his approach to the sixth, which spun into the cup for an eagle.
Now he can talk of little else, in fact it looks as though meeting her was the high spot of his whole existence.
A succession of crosses by Peterborough's Helgi Danielsson was the high spot of a poor first-half that saw the home side fail to outwit the Chesterfield defence.