the high sign

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*the high sign

Fig. a prearranged signal for going ahead with something. (Often refers to a hand signal or some other visual signal. *Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) When I got the high sign, I pulled cautiously out into the roadway. The train's engineer got the high sign and began to move the train out of the station.
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His accomplice, Sharp, would give the high sign out the window when a potential target wandered into a stall.
We got the high sign from dozens of drivers along the way, and people waving from overpasses.
Chelsea are the superior team but are badly missing their wide players and Liverpool have had the high sign on their London rivals in recent games.
They would come to my house on their weekly visits to the city, give me the high sign, and I would slip them their copies of the Chicago Defender, the Indianapolis Freeman or the Voice of the Negro.
His mother was giving him the high sign to slow down because he was talking too fast.
I wish someone had given me the high sign on ``Signs.