the high sign

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high sign

A hand gesture used to signal someone about something. Sometimes, it refers specifically to the "OK" gesture (when the tip of the index finger and thumb touch, forming a circle). I'll give you the high sign when it's time to come out on stage.
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*the high sign

Fig. a prearranged signal for going ahead with something. (Often refers to a hand signal or some other visual signal. *Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) When I got the high sign, I pulled cautiously out into the roadway. The train's engineer got the high sign and began to move the train out of the station.
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His accomplice, Sharp, would give the high sign out the window when a potential target wandered into a stall.
Chelsea are the superior team but are badly missing their wide players and Liverpool have had the high sign on their London rivals in recent games.
But in its on-key depiction of daily life that goes on under any circumstances, it largely lives up to its credentials, which include winning the 2005 Sundance/NHK award for best European project and getting the high sign from Martin Scorsese and Wim Wenders, who are listed as associate producers.
Dana Stevens (aka Liz Penn) writes on television for and on film and culture for the High Sign.
They would come to my house on their weekly visits to the city, give me the high sign, and I would slip them their copies of the Chicago Defender, the Indianapolis Freeman or the Voice of the Negro.
Among the albums often cited by critics is "This Land," a pair of recordings of music he composed for three silent Buster Keaton films: "The High Sign," "One Week" and "Go West."