the heavens opened

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the heavens open (up)

A downpour of rain begins. We had to postpone our baseball game because the heavens opened as soon as we got on the field.
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heavens opened

Fig. It started to rain heavily. The heavens opened, and we had to run for cover. We were waiting at the bus stop when the heavens opened.
See also: heaven, open
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the heavens opened

it started to rain suddenly and very heavily.
See also: heaven, open
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References in classic literature ?
The heavens opened, and across the blue rift it hung in a glory of celestial fire, while from behind and above the clouds came a warbling as of innumerable larks.
Many guests made it back on board before the heavens opened, having enjoyed tours around the city and a visit to the Anglican Cathedral.
England had progressed to 43 without loss before the heavens opened after 10.2 overs, and their openers picked up from where they left off when play restarted at 5pm.
The 10-time champion, who sought treatment on his arms, was a break down in the second set to the No.11 seed before the heavens opened at 4-6 2-3.
HYDERABAD -- The heavens opened on Hyderabad on Wednesday afternoon breaking over a day long sultry weather.
In the end they came nowhere near - as the heavens opened on the brave souls.
Yesterday's grand parade was cancelled as the heavens opened, while the gate was down around 1,000 on last year's figure.
The duo played only two games early on Wednesday afternoon before the heavens opened again.
The city's picturesque streets were flooded with people, with massive queues forming outside attractions, but they were soon awash with water as well, as the heavens opened at around 7pm.
Alas the clouds came darkly overhead, Then the heavens opened and rain they shed, We expected a cancellation but nothing was said, So we went to the venue with not a little dread.
It was a typical British day with picnics on the grass and a sprint for shelter when the heavens opened briefly, before the crowd watched the Rigby & Rigby polo team claim the trophy.
by Tom Hopkinson RORY McILROY stormed into a six-shot lead at Royal Liverpool - just before the heavens Opened.
She got the job done seconds before the heavens opened but just missed out on eclipsing compatriot Navratilova's quick–re win over Andrea Jaege r before the heavens opened but just missed out on eclipsing compatriot Navratilova's quick–re win over Andrea Jaege r in 1983 by just a minute.
CARDIFF is bracing itself for a week of torrential rain after an "apocalyptic" storm left parts of the city under inches of water just minutes after the heavens opened.