the heavens open

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the heavens open (up)

A downpour of rain begins. We had to postpone our baseball game because the heavens opened as soon as we got on the field. I don't like the look of those dark clouds. Quick, let's get inside before the heavens open up!
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the heavens open

mainly BRITISH
If the heavens open, it begins to rain very heavily. Ten minutes before the start, the sky darkened and the heavens opened. Just as we sat down to eat, the heavens opened and we all had to run for cover.
See also: heaven, open
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the heavens ˈopen

it suddenly begins to rain very heavily: We were walking back from the bus stop when suddenly the heavens opened.
See also: heaven, open
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References in classic literature ?
The heavens opened, and across the blue rift it hung in a glory of celestial fire, while from behind and above the clouds came a warbling as of innumerable larks.
It is the moment where the heavens open, the Spirit descends, and the voice of the Father names the Son.
SPECTACULAR bolts of lightning flare across the sky moments before the heavens open with rain.
She is also entered in Saturday's TRM Severals Stakes at Newmarket, but that is a back-up option should the heavens open in Paris.
We've all cooked burgers this way when the heavens open mid-party.
If Shearer danced her faith, as she did in Let the Heavens Open That the Earth May Shine, her hands seemed to gather in the air.
Come Monday morning, let the heavens open again and the waters roll down like a mighty stream.
One day, the heavens open up and amid thunder and lightening, a voice is heard: "For heaven's sake, why don't you just buy a ticket?" Murray's is that voice, so get your ticket.
Chris and Jayne choose the pairs and solos, the heavens open at the dress rehearsal, and a couple start to heat up when they're off the ice, if you get our meaning
DAVID Bridgwater is hoping the heavens open at Ascot over the next few days ahead of Wyck Hill's seasonal return in Saturday's United House Gold Cup.
[bar] Shoppers get caught in a torrential downpour in Cardiff city centre as the heavens open
He gets injured, the heavens open, racing is off, and his fellow jockeys can't catch up.
What is it about Ladies Day at Ascot that makes the heavens open? This year the glamorous had to protect their expensive headgear from a downpour reminiscent, for me, of the 1990s Ladies Day when I was sent to film at Ascot.
The heavens open, the Holy Spirit descends, and a voice speaks from heaven.