the (old) heave-ho

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the (old) heave-ho

A dismissal or rejection of a person, especially from a place of employment. I can't believe the boss gave me the old heave-ho after five years on the job! A: "Did you hear that Liz broke up with Dan?" B: "Wow, I knew there's be fallout over his infidelity, but I never expected her to give him the heave-ho!"

*old heave-ho

the act of throwing someone out; the act of firing someone. (From nautical use, where sailors used heave-ho to coordinate hard physical labor. One sailor called "Heave-ho," and all the sailors would pull at the same time on the ho. *Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) I wanted to complain to the management, but they called a security guard and I got the old heave-ho. That's right. They threw me out! They fired a number of people today, but I didn't get the heave-ho.
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old heave-ho

(ˈold ˈhivˈho)
n. a dismissal; a physical removal of someone from a place. I thought my job was secure, but today I got the old heave-ho.
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Yet, when he was given the heave-ho from United, he claimed his sacking made no sense because "Manchester United had record financial figures in the two years that I was there".
Some 400 employees possessing fake degrees will also be given the heave-ho, it is learnt.
Despite talk that he's had the heave-ho from fed-up Kate, it is understood Nik is still living in her converted barn in Oxfordshire, where he has been redoing the decor.
So for Garry Monk to be given the heave-ho by Swansea City after losing to the Premier League leaders seemed a little harsh.
Quality appears to have been given the heave-ho for novelty.
Dannii Minogue and Lisa Snowdon have got the heave-ho as Marks & Spencer unveil "ordinary" models we are all supposed to identify with because they all look like you and me.
Here's how to give flaky skin and chapped lips the heave-ho.
Anyway, I'm glad Jack Straw and Kenny MacAskill gave those ignorant, as they are arrogant, senators the heave-ho.
She might have the face of an angel but it's safe to say that Loretta is a few sandwiches short of a full picnic basket and is willing to do anything to keep Jake from giving her the heave-ho.
OF ALL the shocking revelations to emerge after Cheryl Cole at last gave her philandering husband the heave-ho, one stood out above all others: her exercise bike cost pounds 36,000.
Central nursing stations get the heave-ho. Instead, one or two nurses will look after a group of eight rooms to improve contact with their charges.
It gave Ramsey Macdonald the heave-ho and elected Stanley Baldwin with a landslide majority.
like a woe-dodo it's the heave-ho. O Mother of alien minnows, like
Cigarette butts are being given the heave-ho after a new campaign to keep them off the streets was launched today.