the happy event

the happy event

The birth of a child. I'm sorry I couldn't make it for the happy event, but I will be there to meet the little one soon!
See also: event, happy

happy event

the birth of a child. humorous
See also: event, happy

a/the ˌhappy eˈvent

(humorous) the birth of a baby: ‘When’s the happy event, then?’ ‘At the end of July.’
See also: event, happy
References in classic literature ?
When the barbican was carried, the Sable Knight sent notice of the happy event to Locksley, requesting him at the same time, to keep such a strict observation on the castle as might prevent the defenders from combining their force for a sudden sally, and recovering the outwork which they had lost.
Later, when she was alone and had time to think, it was a passing grief to her that she would have to be silent, for a time, to Lilla on the happy events of that strange mission.
The Piano Man singer let the news of the happy event slip when he was talking about Della Rose.
The high-profile couple announced the happy event on Twitter with comedian Dax joking: "Delta Bell Shepard is here.
Traditionally, a large number of people used to gather in a house where marriage ceremony was being held while locals sung folk songs, and shared jokes to mark the happy event, said elderly Baba Ramzan, resident of Chak No-34/WB Vehari.
Cowell, of ''American Idol'' and ''The X Factor'' fame, posted a series of tweets about the happy event.
The New Glasgow Lobster restaurant in Prince Edward Island announced the happy event on Facebook.
Pepe became a dad for the third time in a hospital in Cordoba, Spain, and promptly celebrated the happy event with photos and an excited announcement on his official facebook page.
This might prove quite important to them, because the main TV channels are going to be bursting with coverage of the happy event all day long.
Farm Village manager Richard Craddock said: "Everyone is getting really excited about the wedding and as we already have a Pig Palace, we thought we'd get it decorated for the happy event.
He congratulated King Abdullah on his safe return after his recovery and Saudi princes on the happy event.
The Iranian vice president invited President Papoulias to visit Iran during the ancient Iranian New Year, Norouz (starting on March 20, 2011) celebrations, or send a representative to the happy event.
RAWALPINDI, December 28, 2010 (Balochistan Times): A two-storied house in one of the most densely populated Glass Factory area, about to witness the happy event of matrimony only on next day, was demolished due to an explosion occurring in a faulty gas cylinder.
The Irishman, who became a father last year, seemed to suffer a classic case of the nappy factor after the happy event.
A WEDDING party guest was glassed when the happy event turned violent.