the hair of the dog

the hair of the dog (that bit you)

An alcoholic drink consumed to remedy a hangover. The phrase comes from the notion that literally rubbing the hair of the dog that bit you on the wound would help it to heal. Wow, all that beer has left me feeling terrible this morning. The only cure is the hair of the dog, I guess!
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hair of the dog

a small quantity of alcohol taken as a remedy for a hangover. informal
The full form of this phrase is hair of the dog that bit you . Hair from a rabid dog was at one time thought to be a remedy against the effects of its bite; in this expression, the recommended cure for a hangover is a small amount of the cause of the problem.
1987 Bruce Allen Powe The Ice Eaters Murray, still feeling the effects of the previous evening, had suggested they go into a bar because he needed a hair of the dog.
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the hair of the ˈdog (that ˈbit you)

(informal) an alcoholic drink taken in the morning in order to help cure the unpleasant effects of drinking too much alcohol the night before: ‘Why are you drinking whisky at 8 o’clock in the morning?’ ‘Hair of the dog. I’ve got the most terrible hangover.’In the past, if a person was bitten by a dog, burnt hair from the same dog was used as a protection against infection.
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hair of the dog

A small amount of what made one ill might be used as a remedy; recipe for curing a hangover. This expression appeared in John Heywood’s Proverbs of 1546 (“I pray thee let me and my fellow have a haire of the dog that bit us last night”) and alludes to the even older folk remedy of treating a dog bite by placing the burnt hair of a dog on the wound. Although having a drink is a dubious cure for the aftereffects of alcoholic overindulgence, the expression is still used, and occasionally is transferred to other matters.
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10 YEARS AGO The Hair of the Dog competition, traditionally played on January 2 at the County, was a great success.
Some ( sources  also claim the phrase comes from an old method of treating rabies - taking the hair of the dog that bit you and either placing it directly on the wound or drinking it in a brew.
One in 25 of those polled swore by "the hair of the dog" to make them feel better.
The hair of the dog FALSE - "Drinking alcohol the morning after just postpones the inevitable, and your eventual hangover is likely to be even worse," warned Dr Jarvis.
The hair of the dog that bit you will make you feel better FALSE: "Having a quick drink the morning after will only ease the alcohol withdrawal and delay the hangover,explains Professor Paul Wallace, chief medical adviser for Drinkaware (
You might expect the film to begin with the cinematic equivalent of "the hair of the dog", not a giraffe in a trailer.
And for those who fancy a sneaky tipple, check out the Hair of the Dog hip flask - | 1.
The hair of the dog is a complex, compact, three-dimensional layer of many different proteins.
YOU'VE heard about the hair of the dog but what about the hair of the Big Fellow?
You've heard of "the hair of the dog that bit you" to treat the other kind of morning after pain.
``If you overdo it, forget the hair of the dog and lay off alcohol for 48 hours - you`ll feel a lot better for it.''
The hair of the dog? That is mixed with the baby owls' food to give them the vitamins they desperately need.
The product is brewed and marketed by the Hair of the Dog Brewing Co., and, much like wine, is "bottle conditioned." In other words, it will taste better as it ages in the bottle, according to company officials.
Taking some of the hair of the dog that bit you mab prove sound advice when it comes to skin cancer.
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