a/the grand old man

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the grand old man of (something)

The most senior and respected man in a particular organization, society, etc. His decades of hosting charity balls and galas have made him the grand old man of London.
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a/the ˌgrand old ˈman (of something)

an old man who is very experienced and respected in a particular profession, etc: At eighty, he is the grand old man of the British film industry.
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They are introduced by the other half of that splendid partnership, the grand old man of Troeltsch studies.
(called the Grand Old Man, 1809 - 1898) English statesman, financier, and orator.
He was considered as the grand old man of the old economy who could confound the best of McKinseys.
As the grand old man of the BJP, one who has outlasted his ideological buddy Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he probably feels he has underachieved and feels let down by his mates within the party.
Doris, a granny from Selkirk, in Scotland, reckons her impersonation of Sir Winston, the grand old man of World War Two, was the best in the world.
But whoever gets the job must not have the grand old man's shadow hanging over them.
But Gladstone is much more than a mere historic figure; he has a powerful relevance to our own times, claims Prof the Lord Alton, who will give a lecture about the Grand Old Man tomorrow in Liverpool.
The grand old man of the team, 40-year-old fellow opener Sanath Jayasuriya, has even more to prove with a meagre 10 from his first outing followed by a duck in the second outing.
The grand old man of Worcestershire was known as the sergeant major at the Lickeys and is still an upright and commanding figure.
RANGERS defender Davie Weir is set to become the grand old man of international football, according to Scotland boss Alex McLeish.
There will also be a concert, Discovering Dutilleux, which will be a unique celebration of the grand old man of French music.
The grand old man of Spanish acting, Fernan-Gomez is associated with many of the experimental and dissident films made under Francisco Franco.
George Herbert was known as The Grand Old Man of Cricket.
Beat The Clock was one of Bruce's early successes and I think everyone will agree the grand old man of mirth is still beating it today.
The grand old man of metal returns in rude health with an album that's so sparky it glows.