the good old days

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the good old days

A phrase used when one is thinking fondly of the past. Ah, those were the good old days. Did you know I was captain of the football team back then?
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good old days

back in an earlier time which everyone remembers as a better time, even if it really wasn't. Back in the good old days, during World War I, they used real cactus needles in record players. The good old days didn't start until they had indoor bathrooms.
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the good old days

COMMON People use the good old days to talk about a time in the past when they think life was better. Brad's dead, and sitting around talking about the good old days isn't going to bring him back. In the good old days, the studios were able to look after stars when there wasn't much work.
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the ˈgood/ˈbad old days

an earlier period of time in your life or in history that is seen as better/worse than the present: That was in the bad old days of very high inflation.
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References in classic literature ?
Oh, give me back the good old days of fifty years ago," has been the cry ever since Adam's fifty-first birthday.
In the good old days up in Colusa we used to hang men like him just to keep the air we breathed clean and wholesome.
What boy has not sighed for the good old days of wars, revolutions, and riots; how I used to pore over the chronicles of those old days, those dear old days, when workmen went armed to their labors; when they fell upon one another with gun and bomb and dagger, and the streets ran red with blood
It recalled to my mind tales that I had read of the good old days when naval vessels were built to fight, when ships of peace had been man-of-war, and guns had flashed in other than futile target practice, and decks had run red with blood.
He had the air of one who recalls the good old days, of one who in familiar scenes re-enacts the joys of his vanished youth.
Andrew Lawrence COMMON sense at last, back in the good old days if I went home from school and told my father a teacher had clipped me, I would get another off him and told I must have deserved it Karen Aherne Pullen NOT sure they were the good old days, more like the dark ages.
I READ Doug Bragg's recent letter about the good old days with great interest, as his recollections coincide with my memories of the past.
I SAT through the BBC TV variety programme The Good Old Days and found it enjoyable and refreshing.
BRIGHOUSE comedian Johnnie Casson is headlining The Good Old Days at Leeds City Varieties Music Hall this weekend.
The Good Old Days festival features Live Music, Food, Beer Garden, Games, Rides, Street Dance and activities for all ages.
There are no days like the good old days," wrote Eugene Field, "the days when we were youthful
MY WEEKPunting high Broughton Green in the Sturt colours - a reminder of the good old days.
Everyone taking part will get the chance to see some old pictures of the parks and to talk about the good old days.
Or they could return to the good old days they so yearn for - no central heating, no flying off to Spain for six weeks and a weekly allowance of three pounds five shillings.
We often talk about the good old days with the tin bath by the coal fire and the Odeon Cinema, where we were all dragged along to the sixpenny Saturday Matinee while Mom did her shopping along Lozells Road, where there was a row of Wassells shops and Fine Fare.