the golden mean

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golden mean

1. mathematics A division in a line such that the proportion of the whole to the larger area is equal to the proportion of the larger area to the smaller one. The mathematical golden mean has been employed in all manner of things, not the least in art, architecture, and even philosophy.
2. A general rule of moderation, avoiding both extreme excess and extreme deficiency. Some people will argue ardently against ever consuming alcohol, but to me, as long as you follow the golden mean, you'll be just fine. There are pros and cons to both approaches, so why don't we aim for a golden mean that incorporates elements of both?
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the golden mean

the avoidance of extremes.
This phrase translates the Latin phrase aurea mediocritas , which comes from the Roman poet Horace's Odes.
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the happy/golden ˈmean

(approving) a course of action that is not extreme: To be honest, I don’t like either of the proposals. What we really need is a golden mean between the two.
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Returning to the evaluation of [PHI], to satisfy the golden mean, one side of a rectangle should be 1.618 ...
When can the golden mean be applied in floral arranging?
While the ideal of the secular courtly lyric is the golden mean, the goal in Jacopone's mystic and poetic expression is precisely its opposite--that is, excess--as the following quote elucidates: "Il termine esmesuranza occupa nella mappa concettuale del Laudario lo stesso posto centrale che pertiene a mezura nel repertorio occitanico, ma la derivazione mediante prefisso capovolge diametralmente il senso della nuova unita lessicale." (104).
It means to warn off a straight-line thinking -- i.e., more competition is better than less, and to open the way to the truthful principle of the golden mean, which supports a moderate degree of competition[3].
For Muslims, the central question in accounting for oneself is to ask sincerely: "Am I observing the golden mean in my life?" This will reveal where we focus most of our energy and resources in life.
In 2013, her sculpture, The Golden Mean, was bought by the City of Peekskill, NY and sited on the Hudson River where 40,000 people riding the train see it on a daily basis.
One such piece, The Golden Mean, 2012, features a synthetic human skeleton, wrapped in gold silk, that seems to have exploded across four large panels.
A Catholic priest who has apparently not heard of the golden mean, Lina thinks that because the illegal trade continues to thrive, then God must approve of it.
Ben Jaafar asserted that "the people's representatives will remain faithful to the Revolution objectives and will endeavour to preserve Tunisia's gains in the Constitution they are entrusted with drafting, in order to mirror moderation and the golden mean of Tunisians, who are deeply-rooted in their Arab-Moslem identity, and their openness on universal values." Note: The Forum, whose closing session was attended by the President of the Republic, the National Constituent Assembly Speaker, the Prime Minister, Ennahdha Movement Chairman Rached Ghannouchi, several NCA members and Tunisian and foreign experts and businessmen, culminated with a set of recommendations.
In a dozen lessons, Hirsch explains design concepts that can help shape that vision (e.g., the golden mean, adding an unexpected element, using appropriate materials); advises on how to choose the right architect and building site; and suggests thinking of how much your house costs by pound rather than square foot.
Rucci uses mathematical equations and concepts, such as the Golden Mean or the Fibonacci Sequence, to achieve his designs.
For example, big name exhibitor investment bank Merrill Lynch, the show's sponsors, has been at work creating a garden using the ancient, sacred geometric principle of the Golden Mean.
Students were asked to locate at least three other works of art that clearly demonstrated the ratio of the Golden Mean. They then drew rough diagrams or thumbnail sketches of the works they had selected, and described to the class how the works were organized in terms of the Golden Mean (see diagram).
Embodying mathematical ratios such as the golden mean, the system's balls and sticks lend themselves to polyhedron building.