the going rate (for something)

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the going rate (for something)

The typical cost of something. What's the going rate for a new heating system? Ours is on the fritz. A: "$200 seems pretty steep for such a small repair!" B: "That's the going rate, I'm afraid."
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going rate

the current rate or the current charges for something. The going interest rate for your account is 10 percent. Our babysitter charges us the going rate.
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the ˌgoing ˈrate (for something)

the usual amount of money paid for goods or services at a particular time: They pay slightly more than the going rate for freelance work.
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Currently, the going rate for something like an 03 Vectra 1.8 LS from a dealer forecourt is pounds 7,999, whereas the price of an almost identical brand new 04 version is listed at pounds 15,058.