the going rate

the going rate (for something)

The typical cost of something. What's the going rate for a new heating system? Ours is on the fritz. A: "$200 seems pretty steep for such a small repair!" B: "That's the going rate, I'm afraid."
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the ˌgoing ˈrate (for something)

the usual amount of money paid for goods or services at a particular time: They pay slightly more than the going rate for freelance work.
See also: going, rate
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THE going rate for pay rises is "firmly stuck" at 2 per cent, although public sector workers are receiving less, a new study has shown.
The going rate for pay rises is "firmly stuck" at 2%, although public sector workers are receiving less, a new study has shown.
Mr Hester claims that when he was hired, he told his employers that he would be "content to be paid whatever the going rate to do similar jobs elsewhere was".
Surely the going rate for a top goalie is the going rate, no matter who you're dealing with?
If the going rate matched last week's Freddic Mac rate, the interest would jump to 6.
It was hard to move resin around," she says, adding that trucking companies were waiting for calls from FEMA--at twice the going rate per mile--and putting their regular customers off.
Many of Cejka's hospital clients, especially academic institutions that tend to offer lower salaries than private hospitals and clinics, are surprised to learn that the $150,000 to $180,000 they initially budget to recruit a pediatric anesthesiologist falls well short of the going rate.
What allegedly rattled the chemical market was that the deal was 2[cent]/lb below the going rate, and that it was posted in public.
They initially got the club for nothing and since Ray Ransom left have declined to pay the going rate for anything.
Nobody will try and figure out how they can do things cheaply, they will just charge you the going rate.
Maybe that's because City Hall pays twice the going rate for its services and contracts.
Well, I can't afford the going rate, so either they want to work on the film or they don't.
Los Angeles County employees, already under fire for paying up to five times the going rate for airline tickets, actually spent $1.
Farias already purchased two replacement Furbys from a friend - at the going rate of $100 apiece, he said.