the going rate

the going rate (for something)

The typical cost of something. What's the going rate for a new heating system? Ours is on the fritz. A: "$200 seems pretty steep for such a small repair!" B: "That's the going rate, I'm afraid."
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the ˌgoing ˈrate (for something)

the usual amount of money paid for goods or services at a particular time: They pay slightly more than the going rate for freelance work.
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- In Mumbai's central suburb, the going rate is around Rs 13,200-13,400 per square feet.
PENSIONERS PAY TAX TOO #Tory peer Lord Willetts is calling for baby boomers to pay higher taxes (Mirror, March 5), but I would like to point out to him that I have been retired some time now and have continued to pay income tax at the going rate on my pension and will do so for the rest of my life.
The going rate nationally for a tooth nowadays is PS3.34, but parents in the Midlands are paying out a whopping 59p more on average.
"If it's the going rate it has to be paid or they'll go elsewhere." Chris Marshall
THE going rate for pay rises is "firmly stuck" at 2 per cent, although public sector workers are receiving less, a new study has shown.
The going rate for pay rises is "firmly stuck" at 2%, although public sector workers are receiving less, a new study has shown.
But Jackett - after revealing the second bid - stressed the Scottish champions have to pay the going rate to land him.
A study by XpertHR found the going rate was 2%, which is 1.3% below the latest RPI inflation figure.
Quentin SayS: an independent would probably do it for under pounds 500, but that's the going rate for a big service at a Merc dealer.
More relevant is the claim that the rise brought his wages in line with the going rate - which is where the big salary debate should begin.
It is higher than the going rate of over 1.5% for syndicated corporate loans but lower than over 2% for construction loans.
Mr Hester claims that when he was hired, he told his employers that he would be "content to be paid whatever the going rate to do similar jobs elsewhere was".
How much better it would be if the US and its allies guaranteed to buy the whole of the annual Afghan poppy crop at a price way above what Al Quaida/The Taliban can afford at two, three or four times the going rate.
If we have to pay child benefit to foreign workers, it should be at the going rate for that country - pounds 5 a week in Poland.