the fruit of something

the fruit(s) of (something)

The desired product(s) or result(s) of an activity, effort, or situation. The fruit of the long and bitter negotiations has been a historic peace treaty that will see the end of a 50-year war. Behold, the fruits of our labor: the most advanced artificial intelligence ever created!
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the fruit(s) of something

the good results of an activity or a situation: Enjoy the fruits of your labours (= the rewards for your hard work).The book is the fruit of years of research.
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* "Well-being is not the fruit of something you do; it is the essence of who you are."
Consequently it does not belong to these, but to the owner of the money or to his payee as the fruit of something that belongs to them, and not of the ingenuity of the one who carried out the exchange, even if neither the sender nor the payee had had intention of collecting that gain.