the finishing touch

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finishing touch

The last detail added or change made to something to make it complete. Let's not spend too much longer on this. Let's just put the finishing touch on it and get it ready for production. He's been putting the finishing touches on that painting for so long now, I'm starting to think he'll never be satisfied with it.
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the finishing ˈtouch(es)

the final details that make something complete: We’ve been putting the finishing touches to the party decorations.
See also: finish, touch
References in classic literature ?
Meg and John happened to be standing together in the middle of the grass plot, when Laurie was seized with an inspiration which put the finishing touch to this unfashionable wedding.
To lie there helpless when Eva was expecting me, that would be the finishing touch.
I was only seeking further information, to put the finishing touch.
He was an authority on the stage, skilful on the ice or the links with skate or golf-club; he dressed with nice audacity, and, to put the finishing touch upon his glory, he kept a gig and a strong trotting-horse.
which probably had been thought to give the finishing touch to the aristocratic prettiness of the Lady Emmeline Atheling as represented, forty years before, in several Books of Beauty.
All in all they are handsome animals, and added the finishing touch to the strange and lovely landscape that spread before my new home.
He possessed all the civic virtues in their very meanest form, and the finishing touch was given by a low sort of consciousness he manifested of possessing them.
I think we dominate and we're creative, it's just the finishing touch.
In previous columns, I have talked about homes feeling like an extension of ourselves, well if this is the case, accessories must be an extension of our personalities, the finishing touch that make our homes shine.
com)-- Norris of Houston offers Lily and Laura bracelets at The Finishing Touch boutique.
pre-spotted for the finishing touch bodysilk merz-erised,
The Finishing Touch Academy, Dubai's answer to all things etiquette and the art of living, has made it its mission (at least for this week) to add a bit of refinement to the musical scene with a live performance of classical Iranian music this Saturday.
An oak bench provides the finishing touch and the perfect sheltered spot for promenaders to enjoy their fish and chips.
The company, which promises "big ideas, small prices," this summer will roll out the Finishing Touch Pro facial hair remover for women, Micro Touch Turbo groomer for men and Just-A-Trim for shaping up hair between visits to the barber--each for under $10.
This detail was the finishing touch to the portrait of Noriega as a bestial tyrant worthy of being deposed at the point of U.