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We're a little bit a victim of the last 10 or 12 years because since the end of Desert Storm and the fall of the Berlin Wall, we've been able to live, you might say, off the fat of the land.
In the long hiatus since the band's last album, 1997's The Fat Of The Land, Keith has taught himself guitar and written songs.
And he reminds us how often--and perhaps how unwittingly--we still speak the words of that miraculous committee: labor of love, lick the dust, clear as crystal, a thorn in the flesh, a soft answer, the root of all evil, the fat of the land, the sweat of thy brow, hip and thigh, arose as one man, a broken reed, a word in season, how the might y are fallen, the eleventh hour, pearls before swine, a law unto themselves, weighed in the balance and found wanting, the shadow of death.
The Fat of the Land, by John Seymour; first published in 1961; Republished 1991 by Metanoia Press (Ireland), ISBN 0 9518381 0 5; currently available for $16 from Nathan Griffith, HCR 68 Box 185, Trout WV 24991
It takes real chutzpah to talk about tax breaks for fat cats when they are already living off the fat of the land and then ignore your children, who will be responsible for every dollar not paid, plus interest, to some creditor when the next generation is handed the sorry federal financial mess we are in but choose to ignore.
IT seems that launching a new slimming plan is a sure way of living off the fat of the land.
In 1998, KOCH Entertainment achieved triple platinum sales with Prodigy's album The Fat Of The Land and entered the Canadian charts at #1, a first for an independent label and distributor in Canadian music industry history.
6 Fiona, every time the Tories come to power, history is inevitably repeated with the same people being crushed into submission as the wealthy continue to live off the fat of the land.
But Woosie's days of living off the fat of the land ended when kind-hearted workers, who let him have the run of the offices at the plant, decided he needed a visit to the vet.
So even though it's stressed that Cooper worked his way up from the shop floor, it's difficult to feel sympathetic towards guys who have luxuriated in the fat of the land.
While Chancellor Alistair Darling insists on a 2% wage rise for public sector workers and others, salaries, bonuses and pensions for those who live of the fat of the land are as lavish as ever.
While I nurse the anger of watching bloated G8 leaders who believe they're worth it, live off the fat of the land.
Talk about being treated like idiots by that load of self-seeking hypocrites that live off the fat of the land in the Houses of Parliament.
He'd been wanted back in prison for a few weeks and was living off the fat of the land.