the family jewels

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family jewels

slang Male genitalia, especially the testicles. An allusion to the testes' role in producing offspring and thus maintaining the family line. When she heard he had an affair, she kicked him right in the family jewels.
See also: family, jewel

the (or your) family jewels

a man's genitals. informal
See also: family, jewel
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Although the family jewel documents are revealing, Kornbluh is more concerned about what's not there.
It will be like watching the family jewels disappear," laments Watson, 47, who gets a bottle per week with his wages.
Rather, they claim that briefs hold the family jewels too close to your body, raising test testicular temperatures and frying the sperm.
It is not quite in the same class as some of the family jewels that are knocking about, but it is the closest I am ever going to get.
Ensuring that no major valuables are left in the home can also thwart thieves bent on taking off with the family jewels.
The 26-year-old from Abergavenny's hit comes two years after her debut album, The Family Jewels, went to number five in the UK chart.
Marina And The Diamonds - Electra Heart Two years since Marina Diamandis' debut album The Family Jewels, all seemed a bit quiet until the single Radioactive was released late last year.
Marina insists the result is a step up from 2010's The Family Jewels, her debut album.
Don't pawn the family jewels to back Manchester City at 2/5 to beat an in-form Reading side hunting their third top-flight scalp of the campaign.
With the theme of Marina's debut album The Family Jewels concerning her relationship with the American dream, her performance has been moulded accordingly.