the family jewels

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family jewels

slang Male genitalia, especially the testicles. An allusion to the testes' role in producing offspring and thus maintaining the family line. When she heard he had an affair, she kicked him right in the family jewels.
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the (or your) family jewels

a man's genitals. informal
See also: family, jewel
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With: Kenny's Rig, Reeble Jar, Unkle Nancy and the Family Jewels, Bad Mitten Orchestre, Disco Organica, Ninth Moon Black Ultraterrestrial, Vega, Medium Troy.
But the question remains whether all this innovation will end up costing or earning Warners a fortune worth the family jewels.
It's not an event for showing off the family jewels, but she thinks a string of pearls or a great pin with small diamond or pearl earrings are a nice touch.
The 24-year-old beauty is preparing to release the second song from her number two album, The Family Jewels, and she told the Roast it was her method of having a quiet word with herself for misbehaving.
MARINA & THE DIAMONDS The Family Jewels To make it in the modern day pop world requires ruthless determination and unfettered selfinterest.
MEN closely guard the family jewels - their testicles - the seat of their fertility and physically their most vulnerable spot.
Indeed, he collected a kick in the family jewels from the two-legged creature.
MARINA & THE DIAMONDS - THE FAMILY JEWELS JUST when you thought you'd had your fill of quirky girl singers taking the music scene by storm, along comes Marina & The Diamonds with a debut album packed full of irresistible pop tunes.
I know professional kitchens are high-pressured environments but I think sacrificing the family jewels is a bit extreme.
The video, which can be seen on YouTube, was directed by Brit name Kinga Burza, the woman behind Katy Perry's video for I Kissed a Girl and the single is due for release in February through Atlantic Records and taken from Marina's debut album The Family Jewels.
Files released yesterday, known as the Family Jewels because of their secrets, also tell of testing LSD and spying on campaigners.