the evil hour/day/moment

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the evil (moment/hour/day)

The moment, time, or day when one must do something particularly difficult, unpleasant, or stressful. I knew I had to start filing my taxes soon, but I've been doing everything in my power to put off the evil day. Having "the hair of the dog" may make you feel slightly better after a night of heavy drinking, but it's only postponing the evil moment when your body's hangover eventually kicks in.
See also: evil, hour

the evil ˈhour/ˈday/ˈmoment

the time when you have to do something difficult or unpleasant: I’d better go and see the dentist — I can’t put off the evil hour any longer.I worried for weeks about how I would tell him the bad news but eventually I couldn’t put off the evil day any longer.
See also: evil, hour, moment
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If nothing else, cramming them into an attic gets them out of sight and out of mind and delays the evil moment when a final decision has to be made on the future of old baby toys, college essays, unused mattresses and Disney videos.
But perhaps it is time they were - putting off the evil moment and missing Inland Revenue deadlines results in stinging fines and an array of penalties for continued non-compliance.
If you are really putting off the evil moment, pay a visit to www.
I can always tell he's putting off the evil moment when he actually has to open a book because he follows me round the house saying "Mum, did you know .
Puntila only fears one thing - his rare spells of being sober - but tries to keep the evil moments at bay by always having a large drink in his hand.