the end of the line

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the end of the line

1. The physical end of a route of travel, usually a bus or train route. This is the end of the line, folks, so everyone needs to get off the bus.
2. By extension, the conclusion or final step of something. Printing our report is the end of the line—now, we just have to hand it in and pray for a good grade! Regardless of how this championship series goes, I know this is the end of the line for me, after 16 years in the league.
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end of the line

Also, end of the road. The conclusion or final outcome. For example, The editorial pointed out that it was the end of the line for the President; he'd never be reelected , or It was obviously the end of the road for this television series. This idiom alludes to the point where a road or line stops. [c. 1900]
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the ˌend of the ˈroad/ˈline

the point where somebody/something cannot continue: The workers see the closure of the pit as the end of the line for mining in this area.It’s the end of the road for our relationship. We just can’t agree about anything any more.
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Another, a little worse for wear after a Christmas party, went to the end of the line and back four times before giving up and going straight to his office.
"So even when they feel they have reached the end of the line, all is not lost."
The arts centre is hosting the three-day event from June 5-7 as part of its The End Of The Line exhibition exploring and celebrating fresh approaches to drawing in contemporary art.
Gretna caretaker boss Mick Wadsworth last night admitted "it's the end of the line" for staff who fought to save the troubled Scottish club as he and the entire workforce at Raydale Park were made redundant.
Cape Town is the end of the world and the end of the line. Three weeks in and the gang looked mighty taxed.
The trains stop at the end of the line near Causey Arch viaduct, where visitors can meet Father Christmas in his grotto.
In a recent briefing, Sony formally announced what many have known for a long time: DDS-4 is the end of the line. Technology transition from DDS is a matter of when, not if.
INSPECTOR Jack Frost is to reach the end of the line on Christmas Day.
In irreverent language, the conductors of this train stomp through the rail cars of what has become conventional business, announcing the end of the line for the big corporation mentality.
If you drop two Hosts, do you have to go to the end of the line?
"If you talk to people at the end of the line you'll find that most of the purchases made are made locally."
AFTER seven years in production Mazda's rotary engined RX-8 sports car is coming to the end of the line. With more than 26,000 sold in Britain since 2003 there are now less than 100 examples left in stock in the UK.
The End of the Line is supported by store chain Waitrose.
THE end of the line for Tyneside's iconic floating nightclub is looming.