the distant past

the (dim and) distant past

A time long ago in the past. It's easy to forget that, in the dim and distant past, these giant cities used to be nothing but fields and marshes. He's just a washed-up old drunk now, but he used to be a huge star in the distant past.
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the (ˌdim and) ˌdistant ˈpast

a long time ago: stories from the distant past
See also: distant, past
References in classic literature ?
In that book which she and her simple old friend had read so much together, she had seen and taken to her young heart the image of one who loved the little child; and, as she gazed and mused, He had ceased to be an image and a picture of the distant past, and come to be a living, all-surrounding reality.
Plaid in the distant past were led by those who loved Wales, now it is led by self-serving politicians just like any other party.
Common Ridings are a muchloved part of life in the Borders, celebrating local men who risked their lives to protect their towns and people in the distant past.
MORE voices from the distant past have emerged from one of the most important discoveries of the last 25 years at a Northumberland Roman fort.
Their high melting points and other properties help them resist change, allowing geoscientists to use them as fingerprints that mark events in the distant past. With new, more precise analytic techniques, scientists can now measure the amounts of these iron-loving metals relative to other elements to deduce what happened to them over eons of time.
It takes a murder attempt and a forced trip into the distant past for Isabella to discover herself and the spiritual forces acting on her life.
Lead vocalist Dellacoma Rio has a voice that sounds pulled from some old vinyl recording, with his Ozzy Osbourne -style theatricality and resonance, and the rest of the band feels as if they could be playing with Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden at some point in the distant past. But whatever time warp brought them here, the sound is as fresh, bracing and exhilarating as ever.
Pull out a few examples of your writings, recent or from the distant past. Do any of them hold a lesson that seems custom-made for you in this moment?
In the distant past, on a Sunday evening I used to spend a few minutes in the Bullring and listen to the speakers there while on my way to catch a train back to camp.
It is something that should be confined to the pages of Charles Dickens, and the distant past.
McGowan is a superb ballstriker on his day, but Monty must be worried that a debutant in poor form may scrape on to his side due to two good performances in the distant past.
Washington, September 17 (ANI): Observations by the European Space Agency's (ESA's) Venus Express mission have provided strong new evidence that the solar wind has stripped away significant quantities of water from Venus, which means the planet was more humid and Earth-like in the distant past.
The group's work suggests new ways that extrasolar planets might show spectral evidence for life that exists in the present or that existed in the distant past.
4 : dating from the distant past : ancient <an old custom>
Does that mean there's life on Mars, or that the planet was home to living things some time in the distant past?