devil of a job

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a devil of a job

A difficult or frustrating time. I'm having a devil of a job getting this window open—I think its been painted shut. We had a devil of a job convincing grandpa to go to the doctor for that bad cough.
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devil of a job

 and devil's own job
the most difficult task. We had a devil of a job fixing the car. It was the devil's own job finding a hotel with vacancies.
See also: devil, job, of

a/the ˈdevil of a job, nuisance, fellow, etc.

(old-fashioned) a difficult or an unpleasant example of something: We’re going to have a devil of a job getting the roots of that tree out of the ground.
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References in classic literature ?
But when he had drawn and engaged his youthful antagonist he discovered that, far from disarming him, he would have the devil's own job of it to keep from being killed.
Not only are sea urchins quite expensive, they are very hard to source, and the devil's own job to prepare and clean.
If the Grand National is suddenly seen as tainted goods in commercial terms it is a hugely potent threat to the race and I fear Aintree may face the devil's own job finding a replacement sponsor from outside the betting industry.
THE independent marketing firm charged with the task of helping racing promote itself more effectively has the devil's own job.
It's the devil's own job trying to persuade them that years of selective breeding have now placed the entrance to the milk bar a lot nearer the ground.
Sir - Apropos of all this brouhaha over the Penderyn vodka ad, I had no idea what existentialism meant - it is a word not bandied about down at the Crazy Horsepower Saloon - and I had the devil's own job finding it in the dictionary: "a modern philosophical movement stressing personal experience and responsibility and their demands on the individual, who is seen as a free agent in a deterministic and seemingly meaningless universe".
We had the devil's own job getting ENGLAND past the censors, lest it be considered racist.
It's just that once she sets foot on a red carpet, it's the devil's own job to shift her.
Their evergreen Golf may be the finest for 30 years but it's having the Devil's own job to find buyers.
He said: ``Our national government has opened a Pandora's box of racism, which we in South Wales will have the Devil's own job to control at a local level.
He will find that in the run-up to the establishment of the NHS in 1948, the post-war Labour Government had the devil's own job with the consultants.
You may think he's a holy terror or a clerical error - but you'd have the devil's own job catching up with the Rev Lionel Fanthorpe
Sven-Goran Eriksson has the devil's own job picking a defence that is worthy of the name given they have conceded 40 away goals in 21 matches.
That left the hosts needing 210 to win, eminently makea-ble in normal conditions but the devil's own job for a side short on runs and confidence and in a chase that would be interrupted by three rain-breaks.
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