the devil's own

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the devil's own (something)

1. Very great. (Used primarily before the word "luck.") I can't believe I won the lottery and a radio contest in the same week—I must have the devil's own luck!
2. Very difficult. (Used primarily before the word "job.") I'm having the devil's own job getting this window open—I think its been painted shut.
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the devil's own —

a very difficult or great —. informal
1991 Mavis Nicholson Martha Jane & Me It was the devil's own job to get her to give me some money for savings.
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Puel's outfit come into the game on the back of wins at St Etienne and Monaco, and Le Mans - who have scored only one in their last four in Le Championnat - face the devil's own job to improve their scoring ratio tonight.
Their evergreen Golf may be the finest for 30 years but it's having the Devil's own job to find buyers.
We have the devil's own job at the moment Without a country to receive them, we've nowhere to remove them to.
With recent critically-acclaimed hits like Save the Last Dance and The Business of Strangers to her credit, Stiles is now very much a young Hollywood star in demand, and she's certainly come a long way from her movie debut in 1996, when she had a small part as Harrison Ford's daugh-ter in The Devil's Own.
HOLLYWOOD heart-throb Brad Pitt is an unlikely IRA man in the thriller The Devil's Own (TV3, tonight 9pm).
Three minutes later the devil's own luck gave City a second.
That's why it's taken so long for the Brad Pitt-Harrison Ford thriller The Devil's Own to show up on our screens.
4 After a series of smallish parts, she got her big break in 1997's The Devil's Own starring Harrison Ford.
It's just that once she sets foot on a red carpet, it's the devil's own job to shift her.
United to speculative efforts from outside the box, but with Roy Keane and David Beckham restored to the United starting line-up, Sunderland's weak midfield will have the devil's own job to protect an equally mediocre defence.
Heart-throb Pitt - voted the "sexiest man alive" - sparked a storm over his portrayal of a crazed IRA killer in the controversial film The Devil's Own.
They refused to talk to each other on the set of their new IRA thriller The Devil's Own.
The more than 400 major titles headed to TNT and TBS Superstation in the syndication window include Men In Black, Air Force One, Twister, Scream, Ransom, My Best Friend's Wedding, The Rock, Eraser, A Time To Kill and The Devil's Own.
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