the cutting edge

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cutting edge

1. noun The forefront of technological developments or advancements. The new company I work for is at the cutting edge of medical science. I think some of their new instruments are going to revolutionize the field of medicine.
2. adjective Technologically advanced. When used as an adjective, the phrase is usually hyphenated. With their cutting-edge instruments, I really think this company is going to revolutionize the field of medicine.
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(be at) the cutting ˈedge (of something)

(be at) the newest, most advanced stage in the development of something: working at the cutting edge of computer technology
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A kourbash is a strip of old hippo-hide with a sort of keel on it, like the cutting edge of a boar's tusk.
"I am tremendously excited to join the Cutting Edge HC Advisory Board," said Gerry LoDuca.
Cutting Edge HC said the addition of RTG to the Cutting Edge family gives offers a high quality, brand product portfolio to complement some of the unique technologies that are currently under development in one of the company's initial groups of chronic condition areas of focus--respiratory care.
It is especially used in the cutting edge preparation of cutting tools.
The values of the cutting edge width b were registered optically, using the optical microscope (Nicon Eclipse E 200) with digital video camera (Lumenera Infinity 1).
To those who are familiar only with conventional twist drills, the first and most striking feature of a gundrill is the shape and location of the cutting edge of the tool.
Lineage XLC by FS Tool achieves this by protecting an isolated part of the cutting edge, the back, and controlling the natural erosion of the cutting point.
Merriam, "At The Cutting Edge 2014: Land Use Law From The Urban Lawyer" is a 187 page compendium comprised of eight original papers on a variety of legal ramifications of land use issues.
Thermal conductivity is low, making it difficult for cutting heat to escape, this results in high temperatures at the cutting edge, and the risk of plastic deformation.
This design keeps the cutting edge free of debris and reduces wear on the carbide for longer life and better performance than conventional carbide tipped straight bits, Freud adds.
Because of a combination of mechanical and thermal properties of the jet, coolant is applied through the tooling nozzle at high pressure close to the cutting edge, cooling the work area and producing smaller, hard, brittle chips.
"The cutting edge in their team certainly comes from him.
Staying on the cutting edge of dance music is tough in the 21st century.