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creeping crud

An unknown or unidentified illness, often a rash. I think you better get that creeping crud checked out by a doctor—it's not looking so good.
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1. An interjection or exclamation of displeasure. Aw crud, I forgot my wallet—I guess I better turn around and go back for it.
2. Any substance that one deems foul or disgusting. We need a more powerful cleaner to get rid of this crud in the bathtub.
3. One who is viewed with disdain. That guy's a real crud—don't even talk to him.
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1. n. any unidentified disease. There is some kind of creeping-crud between my toes.
2. n. a repellent person. Willy has become such a creeping-crud since he inherited all that money.
3. n. any nasty, slimy substance. That’s not creeping-crud! That’s pecan pie!


1. n. any nasty substance. (An old form of the word curd.) There’s some crud on your left shoe.
2. n. junk; stuff; personal possessions. Get your crud outa my way, will you!
3. n. a repellent person. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t be such a crud!
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Like a lot of others on the Crud yr Awel estate, she too comes under suspicion for Jan's murder
Her body is the first thing we see, before we are taken back 35 days to the beginning of the story and the day Jan moves to the Crud yr Awel estate.
To fix your gutter leak, start by scooping out all the crud. Clean the area with household spray cleaner, a scrub brush and rags to get it as dean as possible.
It's the perfect time to clean out the crud that has accumulated in our bodies and minds throughout the year (especially the sweet, sticky sludge and stress of the holiday season) and then bathe our nervous system with regenerative nutrients.
It shoots clean, is consistent and reliable with a variety of ignition methods, and does not produce the crud ring.
I just keep applying the turpentine with the brush and allow it to soften and wash away the crud.
Once as much of the crud is removed as possible on the gun using the "dry" process, get a bore brush and wet it with your favorite solvent.
The government overall revenues from crud oil exports have declined to $3.519 billion in 2009 compared with the $5.896 billion in 2008.<p>According to a report issued by the Central Bank of Yemen, the government share of the crud oil exports reached last year $1.959 billion comparing to $4.396 billion, which is the value of crud oil exported in 2008.
And when Pleat does speak, he normally cuts through the crud and gets straight to the point.
"The Crud" is my pet name for the copper, lead, carbon, moly and other burnt offerings that lard your bore after the bullets quit flying.
You're bugging the crud outta your friends trying to decode staff like, "Did be wink at me or does he have an eye tic?" Baffling, isn't it?
Snake the drain hole with the wire to get the crud out.
That's right - no-one watches the crud so ITV is left with no cash and no alternative but to fill the schedules with repeats of their last soap star vehicle that died.
The CRUD matrix, which stands for CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE, examined the interaction of data and process.
Now, researchers have discovered that scouring a crystal's surface on an atomic scale can hasten dissolution, just as scrubbing a pot makes it easier to wash away the crud.