the common/general run

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the common run of (something)

The standard, average, or typical type of something. The unorthodox politician is seen by many as a rebuke to the common run of bureaucrats, who spend more time debating and arguing than actually accomplishing anything meaningful. While the common run of stuff you find in a flea market is junk, every now and then you come across something really valuable.
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the common/general ˈrun (of something)

the average or usual type (of something): This programme is better than the general run of television comedies.
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References in classic literature ?
Why, I mean to say, brothers, that if Muster Gashford had gone a hundred mile and got together fifty men of the common run, they wouldn't have been worth this one.
gives, as I know very well, having been invited to one of them to fill a vacant place, when I saw at once that these repasts are very superior to the common run of entertainments for which the humbler sort of J.
In trying to recall all the details that could give shape to his suspicions, he remembered only lately hearing his mother scold Maggie for walking in the Red Deeps when the ground was wet, and bringing home shoes clogged with red soil; still Tom, retaining all his old repulsion for Philip's deformity, shrank from attributing to his sister the probability of feeling more than a friendly interest in such an unfortunate exception to the common run of men.
Yet I will pledge myself, that in humanity and good feeling he was superior to the common run of men.
It was useless to bandy words with one who gave such clear evidence of being something out of the common run of word-bandiers.
And he was ready to listen attentively to whatever the bird might communicate; for, at the siege of Troy, and elsewhere, he had known such odd things to happen, that he would not have considered it much out of the common run had this little feathered creature talked as plainly as himself.
They were conventionally correct, but an earnestness of purpose which could be felt in the very air lifted the business above the common run of affairs of honour.
There were reasons for this, accidents of geography and good luck, and a family history that was marginally different from that of the common run.
I am a generation younger than Kelley, and my San Quentin patients were the common run of thieves, murderers, and rapists, not the formerly powerful figures and mass murderers of the Nazi nightmare, so there are distinct limits to the parallels.
These sophisticates, however, in their separation from the common run of the American people, neither perceive nor experience American society in the way their social and intellectual inferiors do.
Other activities include a tea held by the Ladies Benevolent Society in the library garden, old-fashioned games on the Common run by members of the National Honor Society from the Athol-Royalston School District, and discussions by George Morrison and Elizabeth Farnsworth about field guides they have worked on.
The local people have demanded the immediate installation of water filtration plants, removal of the rusted water supply pipe lines, penalizing of the shopkeepers who supply the adulterated food stuff to the common run of people.
At large public affairs, cold bottles of champagne are brought ostentatiously to the Prime Minister and other senior officials, while the common run of guests (including diplomats and other ministers) content themselves with more normal refreshments.
At the same time his focus in HET sets him apart from the common run of Historians of Thought who, he laments, habitually neglect monetary economics.
A judges panel spokesman added: "The clarity of Janice's vision and tireless commitment to helping everyone in the school achieve their best far exceeds the common run of headship.