the casting couch

the casting couch

A phenomenon in which prospective employees (typically females) are propositioned for sexual favors in exchange for promised employment or career advancement. The practice is most associated with the entertainment industry, and the term refers to the actual piece of furniture in a casting director's office where such encounters may occur. According to many accounts, the casting couch is alive and well in Hollywood.
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the ˈcasting couch

(informal, humorous) used to refer to a situation in which somebody, especially a woman, agrees to have sex with somebody else in order to get work in a film/movie, TV programme, etc: the Hollywood casting couch for starlets
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casting couch

n. a legendary couch found in the offices of casting directors for use in seducing young people by offering them roles. They say the director got his job on the casting couch, too.
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Bach frankly discusses Hart's affairs with men and quotes sources who aver that Hart was not above reaping the benefits of the casting couch.
No, she was as smart as a whip, and could see through all the phoniness of Hollywood, and all the casting couch directors who promised to make her a star.
MADCAP Late Lunch presenters Mel and Sue are to make a comedy showbiz quiz show called The Casting Couch for ITV
A mere mention of the casting couch and these slobbery superstars won't paws for thought.
Tribune News Network - Doha The race to become the Arab world's next top innovator in Qatar Foundation's Stars of Science TV program stepped up a gear this week as qualifying contestants left the casting couch behind.
That's why I put on Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" Comedian Billy Connolly on his Parkinson's disease The people who suffer from the casting couch are the really pretty ones.
There are many causes that people hold dear -- be it the fight against corruption, communalism or the casting couch.
And girls can do anything they like"' Actress Gemma Arterton on being brought up by her single-parent mother "When I was a 16-year-old fresh from boarding school going out in, you know, the casting couch, I was definitely objectified to an extreme" Hollywood star Thandie Newton, pictured, revealing how she was abused by a director "There was one year that I had almost nothing but massive amounts of coffee.
He would become fixated, fall hopelessly in love and, using his powerful position in Hollywood, try to woo them into bed via the casting couch.
The Bollywood books that I have seen tend to focus on the seedier side of it, such as the casting couch, and that isn't what I really want to write about.
The ad for the casting couch stated Hanks was looking for people who are very pale, skinny, talented cyclists, female jockeys, athletic or agile children, and men with artificial limbs.
Ten films with Rank, and a couple of stage plays later, and Joan was off to Hollywood where she was warned off the casting couch executives by Marilyn Monroe, took stunt advice from Gene Kelly and had the honour of playing a love scene with Bing Crosby (who, as it turns out, had a mouth like an ashtray).
BLONDE bombshell Charlize Theron has revealed how a film director once tried to get her on the casting couch.
HOLLYWOOD actress Sharon Stone yesterday laughed off claims that she's a pot-smoking, power-obsessed superstar who climbed to the top on the casting couch.