the business end (of something)

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the business end (of something)

The functional part of an instrument, tool, or other object. These kids are reckless on the ice, so watch that you don't get hit with the business end of a hockey stick. My dad swung at the intruding squirrel with the business end of a broom.
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business end of something

the part or end of something that actually does the work or carries out the procedure. Keep away from the business end of the electric drill so you won't get hurt. Don't point the business end of that gun at anyone. It might go off.
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the business end

the part of a tool, weapon, etc. that carries out the object's particular function. informal
1936 Richmal Crompton Sweet William The business end of a geometrical compass was jabbed into Douglas's arm.
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the ˈbusiness end (of something)

(informal) the part of a tool, weapon, etc. that performs its particular function: Never pick up a knife by the business end.
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business end

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business end (of something)

n. the dangerous end of something; the part of something that does something as opposed to the part one holds on to. Harry burned himself on the business end of a soldering iron.
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INSIDE 32PAGES FREEEVERY WEDNESDAY #theitboy Kicking up a stink at new Ron Burgundy movie Kicking up a stink at new Ron Burgundy movie At the business end of recycling PAGE 11 Forget the January blues .
Rodolfo Celis answered a knock at his door one night and found himself staring at the business end of a gun.
Instead of a cantilever, the business end of the new-style AFM is a conventional tip mounted at the center of a circular membrane roughly the size of the period at the end of this sentence.
The short box houses the business end of things, with cooking, preparation and washing facilities efficiently compacted into the tight space, in the manner of an Airstream trailer or space capsule.
ONE OF THE incidents that kicks off the spiraling narrative wheels of ``Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital,'' a limited series premiering tonight on ABC, is semi-autobiographical: Peter Rickman (Jack Coleman), a famous artist, meets the business end of an errantly driven van.
After a few years of growth, the tangled mass, called a "witches' broom," resembles the business end of an old-fashioned broom.
But as Dan Smoot explained in The Business End of Government (1973), the industry soon found itself "crippled because of the government controls it had invited years before.
Our goal is to develop solutions that enable practice managers and individual physicians to understand and optimize the business end of their practice," said Paul Dimitruk, PortBlue's CEO.
Later, clutching a baseball with Commissioner Bud Selig's signature on it, he vowed to make the 10-mile trip from his Phoenix home to camp ``as much as I can'' while overseeing the business end of turning the Angels into revenue juggernauts.
The Japanese researchers "have taken the business end of the [HGF] molecule and .
But in reality, the business end of RFID is deep inside the enterprise.
The business end of angiostatin is folded up in pretzel-shaped "kringles," named for their resemblance to Danish sugar cookies, says Pizzo.
A will takes care of the business end of things - but a person's life is about far more than just possessions," Hubbard said.
If all this has been about some stupid football game, when Buster comes home, he's going to get the business end of my rolling pin,'' she vowed.
This leading edge solution provides each office staff with easy, secure access to the information needed to operate the business end of a practice.
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