the business end

the business end (of something)

The functional part of an instrument, tool, or other object. These kids are reckless on the ice, so watch that you don't get hit with the business end of a hockey stick. My dad swung at the intruding squirrel with the business end of a broom.
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the business end

the part of a tool, weapon, etc. that carries out the object's particular function. informal
1936 Richmal Crompton Sweet William The business end of a geometrical compass was jabbed into Douglas's arm.
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the ˈbusiness end (of something)

(informal) the part of a tool, weapon, etc. that performs its particular function: Never pick up a knife by the business end.
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business end

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References in classic literature ?
The business end of the funeral of the late Sir Dalliance the duke's son of Cornwall, killed in an encounter with the Giant of the Knotted Bludgeon last Tuesday on the borders of the Plain of Enchantment was in the hands of the ever affable and efficient Mumble, prince of un3ertakers, then whom there exists none by whom it were a more satisfying pleasure to have the last sad offices performed.
"The business end of a buckshot cartridge!" cried the man with a loud laugh.
The gold may not be so soft as it appears, but it certainly looks as though you could bite off the business ends of the spoons, and stop your own teeth in doing so.
At this stage it is important to focus on the benefits from the point of view of the business end users rather than IT end users.
Despite being on the business end of a gun every now and then, cryptocurrencies are getting a respite in the form of Facebook allowing crypto ads after a ban.
Summary: Ansar did Ahed the ultimate favor Saturday, holding archrivals Nejmeh to a goalless draw to seriously damage their title ambitions as the business end of the season approaches.
And Bramall Lane boss Wilder (right) said: "Anything can happen in this league and the games are going to become even tighter as we go into the business end of the campaign.
Much of the growth is on the business end. The number of promoters of performing arts, sports and similar events grew by 30 percent between 2010 and 2014 while agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers and other public figures grew by 17 percent.
But the BCCI is still hopeful that the business end of the cash- rich tournament will be held in India.
Summary: BP is not unfamiliar with the business end of a lawsuit, but recently settlement figures and court hearings have been related to the massive oil ...
Dad-to-be Callum is not too keen on the birth process, and admits he doesn't want to go down the business end during labour.
"We are coming to the business end of the season now where the men are separated from the boys," said Lynch.
The Welsh Rugby Union and the regions have committed to the showpiece for the next four years, and believe its place in the schedule, shortly after the end of the Six Nations and at what WRU chief executive Roger Lewis described as "the business end of the season," is where it belongs.