a/the bright spot

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bright spot

A positive occurrence in an otherwise sad or negative situation. His granddaughter coming to visit him in the nursing home was always a bright spot in Jim's day.
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a/the ˈbright spot

a good or pleasant part of something that is unpleasant or bad in all other ways: The win last week was the only bright spot in their last ten games.
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One night when Taug lay sleepless looking up at the starry heavens he recalled the strange things that Tarzan once had suggested to him--that the bright spots were the eyes of the meat-eaters waiting in the dark of the jungle sky to leap upon Goro, the moon, and devour him.
Even the bright spots of gold upon its wings and body, unless her eyes deceived her, grew dim, and the glowing purple took a dusky hue, and the starry lustre that gleamed around the blacksmith's hand became faint and vanished.
The Keep Carbondale Beautiful Board selects businesses or residences to receive the Bright Spot Award for enhancing the beauty of the community by means of revitalization of property, new construction, plantings and beautification, upkeep and maintenance, or rehabilitation.
"Our measurements of the bright spot suggest there are powerful shock waves in the star's atmosphere that reach higher temperatures than are predicted by current theoretical models for AGB stars," explained Theo Khouri, astronomer at the Chalmers.
After you've found the Sun in the scope for the first time with the finder attached, put a black dot in the center of the bright spot with a felt marker and you'll have no trouble finding the Sun again.
"I am presenting the budget when the global economy is in crisis," Jaitley said in his opening remarks, adding that India, however, remained the bright spot in this gloom, turning difficulties into opportunities.
When these images were taken each day, the sun was in the same direction as the bright spot, west-northwest from the rover, and relatively low in the sky," Justin Maki, the lead for Curiosity's engineering cameras, told Space.com via email.
Team leader Mauricio Cisternas from Germany's Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, and his team set up a kind of identity parade of galaxies, in which he had modelled and removed the bright spot that reveals the AGN.
The bright spot in the month was that online revenue, which had been slipping recently at McClatchy's papers, jumped 12.8%.
The new images show no sign of the bright spot that the team had identified as the lander in the earlier images.
The bright spot in the children's lives are Uncle Arthur's country estate and the mysterious, not-quite-right 15-year-old Thomas, who is bereft when Wendy is not there.
The Northern Bergen market was by far the bright spot for the county.
The bright spot was Ethan Brown, borrowed from American Ballet Theatre, lovely, fresh, direct as the Husbandman.
Based on what it looks like, the scientists said the bright spot is either a supernova explosion or an "outburst" from a secondary supermassive black hole orbiting the one that lies at the galaxy's center.
In four hot Jupiters, where the average temperature hovers around "only" 2000 kelvin (3100[degrees]F), the bright spot is offset so that the planet's brightness peaks after its eclipse by the star.