the brain drain

brain drain

The loss of educated and skilled workers to other locations, often ones that provide better financial compensation or job opportunities. The state has some of the nation's best universities, but it suffers from brain drain as graduates often flee to find more lucrative job opportunities elsewhere.
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The loss of valuable thinkers and workers to a different organization or geographic area, typically due to the promise of something better, such as pay or opportunities. The stagnation in pay at the university has led to a serious brain-drain.
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the ˈbrain drain

the loss of qualified scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. to another country, especially one where they are paid more for their work
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'The brain drain problem is a zero-sum game between economies, while talent circulation is mutually beneficial for all concerned,' he added.
'The government must also stop the brain drain because of the negative effect it has on the economy; loss of investment in manpower, loss of revenue and shortage of skilled workforce,' he added.
Erol Rizaov in Nezavisen vesnik writes that the worry for a brain drain after the introduction of the new tax is best expressed by the Nobel winning author Ivo Andric, quoted these days on social networks: "The brain drain is not the problem, the problem is that only the idiots remain in the country".
Johannes Rey of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation believes that with effort from German investors and the Macedonian authorities the brain drain from the country can be stopped.
It is against this background that this paper intends to interrogate the brain drain, skilled labour migration and its impact on Africa's development between the 1990s and 2000s.
Although, the more we let go of our professors, engineers and doctors, the more will be our loss in the long run due to the brain drain of the educated and skilled youth.
The TTS has also helped reduce the brain drain from Pakistan.
The central bank is going through a period of expansion - we are expanding by about 5 percent a year - so we can handle the brain drain by over-hiring.
It is very important to mention that the brain drain problems have always been under the scope of controversy.
Researchers on the brain drain point out that the US is a clear winner in attracting PhDs not only from emerging countries but also from Western Europe.
The last part of the article highlights the situation in Romania, showing the evolution and consequences of the "brain drain" by using the inquiry investigation technique, based on the questionnaire, applied to 250 of inhabitants of Craiova, thus aiming to analyse the perception on the brain drain phenomenon.
Such diasporas could play their role in reversing and preventing the brain drain by converting it into brain gain through brain circulation.
In short, this is the brain drain of "la creme de la creme." (2)