the black market

black market

The business of buying or selling illegal or banned goods, currencies, or substances. Hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. Though they have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to hold no medicinal properties, rhino horns are highly sought after on the black market. Illegally procured and distributed prescription medicines make up a surprisingly large percentage of black-market drug trade.
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the black ˈmarket

an illegal form of trade in which foreign money, or goods that are difficult to obtain, are bought and sold: Tickets for the game are being sold on the black market for $200 each. OPPOSITE: the open market
See also: black, market
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Both cigarettes and roll-ups are sold on the black market, a term coined for the illegal trade of goods where people avoid government price controls or taxes.
dollar exchange rate on Monday has hit a new all-time high in the black market as the Sudanese pound (SDG) declined to 29.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Terrorist groups continued to destroy and loot infrastructures in the Northwestern province of Idlib and sell them in the black market, social activists reported on Saturday.
A draft set of rules released Wednesday suggests that in its juggling act, the authority is in danger of dropping one important ball: the goal of moving the marijuana economy into the open, where it can be taxed and regulated, and away from the black market, where it helps finance criminal enterprises.
Gamal El-Deen said that the CBE's policies wiped out the whole market rather than just eliminated the black market.
The head of Egypt's central bank has claimed that the black market has been wiped out.
The instant response in the black market has been surprising," Hany Farahat, a senior economist at Cairo-based CI Capital, said by phone on Thursday.
The black market is considered a subset of the informal economy, of which 1.
It was the fifth official depreciation this week, prompted by the widening gap between the black market and the official rate.
That's when the place to turn was the black market.
According to the report the US has been trying to prevent ISIL from obtaining oil revenue but failed to convince Turkey to stop the black market trade of oil from ISIL into Turkey.
validate people, products and payments in the black market.
The drivers claim that the state-owned Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) branch in Dhamar has effectively encouraged the selling of fuel on the black market by closing one of its two petrol stations in Dhamar city while providing diesel to private gas stations.
Researchers also examine various projections and predictions for how the black market may evolve.
Authorities have taken legal action against some money changers, temporarily shutting down 13 last month, but the campaign has not come close to eradicating the black market - perhaps because officials realise that closing the channel entirely would cause more hardship for families and businesses.