the biter bit

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the biter (is) bit

A person who has committed wrongs is now experiencing the same kind of torment, adversity, etc. Looks like the biter bit. She's always bullied me, and now she's getting a taste of her own medicine. Ah, the biter is bit! A prankster deserves to be the target of his own tricks once in a while.
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the biter bit (or bitten)

a person who has done harm has been harmed in a similar way.
Biter was a late 17th-century term for a fraudster or trickster. In this sense it now survives only in this phrase.
2000 Locus The most common plot device in Lee's stories is the classic ‘biter bitten’ resolution.
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the biter ˈbit

the person who wanted to do harm, cheat somebody, etc., has harm done to them, is cheated, etc: It was a case of the biter bit — she’d tried to make him look foolish and ended up being ridiculed herself.
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Bolton can expect little sympathy from the Baggies and it was a case of the biter bit after Bolton had snatched a late equaliser against them at the Reebok Stadium back in November.