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THE best-laid plans of a young woman called Maggie go awry in this New York comedy of manners.
There is little doubt that City boss Manuel Pellegrini and new United gaffer David Moyes need to take time out to work on their acts if they're going to attract the kind of back-page tabloid coverage that the best-laid plans of every journo's favourite manager Jose Mourinho have brought about.
He told the jury: "Here we go again, we have real life interfering in the best-laid plans.
We're not remotely surprised that the best-laid plans of these two-dimensional men are undone by cruel fate or that common sense is flung overboard for the sake of an adrenaline-fuelled action sequence.
All the best-laid plans of punters have been reduced to rubble - now contestants you suspect would have won over the public, like Sophie, are at risk from the whim of flibbertigibbet judges.
But we all know what happens to the best-laid plans.
Trapattoni's men put in a gritty group campaign, drawing twice with Italy, and they might yet upset the best-laid plans of the bean-counters.
Even the best-laid plans need to be fluid and flexible when a new virus emerges and starts changing the rules," she said.
Summary: Usually by February, perhaps March, the best-laid plans start to crumble and old habits take over.
But from the moment Terry was sent off in the first half for a high tackle on Leon Osman, the best-laid plans of the west Londoners were in tatters.
Sometimes even the best-laid plans can go up in flames, or perhaps the occasional finely crafted Italian sports car, as one U.
School holidays can disrupt the best-laid plans and that is just what Honley Male Voice Choir has discovered.
Theory blends with case studies to create an analysis perfect for college-level classroom debate, making THE BEST-LAID PLANS a top pick for any college-level political science or American history collection.
Even the best-laid plans of the commanding generals quickly became outdated as the battle progressed.
Unfortunately the best-laid plans always end in disaster and Charlie is soon knee-deep in trouble as he crosses paths with tenacious FBI special agent Hymes and finds out his girlfriend is a cop.
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