the better/best part of something

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the better part of (something)

The majority of something. I'm sorry I'm late—my doctor's appointment took the better part of an hour.
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best part of something

almost all of something; a large part of something; the major part of something. The discussion took the best part of an hour. The best part of the meeting was taken up by budgetary matters.
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the better/best part of something

most of something: I worked at the camp for the better part of the summer.He had lived there for the best part of fifty years.
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"The Best Part of Me" really showed me how much we should all appreciate things.
The best part of my day is watching the lightbulb go on when students "get it" for the first time.
As much as I love the baking process, however, I maintain that the best part of bread-making, spiritual benefits aside, is tasting that first, warm slice fresh out of the oven.
The public doesn't think of CPAs as being exciting, motivational people, but the best part of my job has been working with inspiring leaders.
MADONNA, who has spent the best part of two decades shamelessly flaunting her sexuality, has realised it was a mistake.
So now they want their money back and then some, despite the fact they've stunted his development for the best part of two seasons.
Perhaps the best part of Fuller and Holland's creation is Jaye's lesbian sister, Sharon, played by Broadway sensation Katie Finneran.
The best part of this transaction was that both parties were happy with the end result."
and has devised a way to ensure the best part of the trip isn't looking out the window at things you would do if you only had the time.
The first of these was a bit of sentimentalism, and the latter was the best part of the show.
I tightened my circle to stay in the best part of the warm updraft, then a red-tail hawk joined me for a few turns, wing tip to wing tip, before it beaded off on its own personal mission.
The new OptiChamber [R] Advantage Valved Holding Chamber from Respironics HealthScan Asthma & Allergy Products helps patients get the best part of their asthma inhaler medication efficiently.
"The best part of working at this school is the tremendous teamwork ethos of all staff, and the best part of gaining Investor in People is that it's a national quality standard that is recognition of our working practices."
Antalya is one of the most romantic cities in Turkey, perched on the top of craggy cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, it has been in continuous use since it was founded in the first century BC by Attalus II of Pergamon, and the best part of the old city, stone built, with curving, shaded cobbled streets is still within its Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman boundaries.
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