the best of both/all worlds

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best of both worlds

The most ideal or desirable attributes of two different things, situations, or circumstances. We hope that by forming a bipartisan committee we will be able form a body that represents the best of both worlds. I believe that living at college gives you the best of both worlds: a place where both study and social life can thrive.
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the best of both worlds

COMMON If you have the best of both worlds, you are in a situation where you have all the advantages of two different things, without any of the problems or disadvantages. We have the town two miles away and the countryside at the end of our garden so we have the best of both worlds here. The instant response of a gas hob combined with the cleanliness of an electric oven and separate grill offer the best of both worlds.
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the best of both (or all possible) worlds

the benefits of widely differing situations, enjoyed at the same time.
The variant all possible worlds alludes to the catchphrase of the eternally optimistic philosopher Dr Pangloss in Voltaire 's Candide ( 1759 ): Dans ce meilleur des mondes possibles…tout est au mieux , usually quoted in English as ‘Everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds’.
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the best of ˈboth/ˈall (possible) worlds

the advantages of two/many very different situations: We have the best of both worlds here — it’s a peaceful village but we’re only twenty minutes from the town centre. OPPOSITE: the worst of both/all (possible) worlds
See also: all, both, of, world
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Even though I knew I had the best of all worlds when I was a freelance dancer, I felt that others did not take my career as seriously as they would have if I'd danced in one or two established companies.
To get the best of all worlds, a repellent pack ($18) includes all of the products mentioned and a free citronella candle, turning your outdoor activities into a joyous event instead of a feast for insects.
Our mutual fund shareholders will get the best of all worlds by having us continue to manage the funds as before, but under the umbrella of a larger fund organization with expanded investment options and shareholder services," Crabbe said.