the beautiful people

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beautiful people

Stylish, glamorous, and often wealthy people admired by others. I wish we were as cool as them—man, they are really the beautiful people.
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the beautiful people

1 fashionable, glamorous, and privileged people. 2 (in the 1960s) hippies.
1 1995 Singapore: Rough Guide The coolest address in town, and a magnet for the beautiful people.
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beautiful people, the

The fashionable social set, individuals who are in vogue and widely emulated and envied. Although general use of this term began in the mid-1960s—Diana Vreeland, the editor of Vogue magazine, is often credited with inventing it—it appeared even earlier as the title of a William Saroyan play of 1941. It was given further currency by the Beatles song “Baby You’re a Rich Man” (1967) by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which contains the line, “How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?” Katherine Hall Page used the phrase in her mystery The Body in the Big Apple (1999), with its numerous descriptions of expensive New York restaurants and elegant parties. Also see jet set.
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References in classic literature ?
The gay robes of the beautiful people moved hither and thither among the trees.
The beautiful people like Bill Gates are hailing from the United States.
He may be taking the mickey out of himself and the beautiful people stereotypes but it's Corden who's having the last laugh.
The beautiful people seem to be flocking to the Hakimians' gorgeous 75 Wall.
Zara Kavarana, Rukaya Hussain, James Kasaci and Emirati Rashid Mohammad Jaber Al Suwaidi were among 12 special needs artists who were awarded at the Beautiful People, H2O Art Exhibition after their works were selected in an online poll.
All the beautiful people come here, say the guides, to the Yarra.
He was in character as Khazakstani reporter Borat - and caused his customary chaos as he came face to face with the beautiful people.
Danny Jones and Harry Judd spent the evening admiring themselves at the Beautiful party in London's Mo*vida on Friday.
"I'm not the kind of person to get all serious about something like this," says Laura, safe in the knowledge she is one of the beautiful people. "But I started to think about how I would feel if I didn't actually get in.
The new sponsor, Yorkshirebased John Smith's beer, conjures up images of beer belly bil-lies swigging their way around the back street bars of Doncaster rather than the beautiful people sipping cocktails in Aintree's prawn sarnie grandstands.
Post photographer Neil Pugh went along to capture some of the beautiful people in action.
Obviously, the beautiful people are off to some other Cythera.
Our own supermodel, Kirsty Hume, is one of the beautiful people - and that's official.
WHERE do the beautiful people go when the sun comes out?
Well, just try buying a pad in Greenwich Village, in New York, where the beautiful people live and, if you're a fan of Meryl Streep, you might want to bid for her Greek Revival home on West 12th Street.