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(as) skinny as a beanpole

Extremely thin. I was always skinny as a beanpole growing up, but I really filled out once I hit puberty. You want to play football? But you're as skinny as a beanpole—you'll get creamed! I was skinny as a beanpole after I returned from my service trip, so my mom insisted on making me home-cooked meals for a month.
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be (as) skinny as a beanpole

To be extremely thin. I was always skinny as a beanpole growing up, but I really filled out once I hit puberty. You want to play football? But you're as skinny as a beanpole—you'll get creamed!
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One who is very skinny. Susie is such a beanpole now that she's had her growth spurt. Melanie's a beanpole—her clothes will be way too tight on me!
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skinny as a beanpole

very thin; very skinny. (*Also: as ~.) I exercised and dieted until I was skinny as a beanpole.
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n. a skinny person. I’m getting to be such a beanpole.
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King Balaga and RC Calimag scored 12 points each and led five others in twin digits with the beanpole Kai Sotto shooting 11 and grabbing 12 rebounds in 10 minutes, a ploy which coach Mike Oliver used to keep the 7-foot-1 wonder fresh for the Japanese.
The beanpole Austrian striker, who is 6ft 8ins, will be hungry to make a big impact in his second bite with Millwall.
I've just checked it out and I've got hold of the wrong end of the beanpole. National Beanpole Week actually celebrates: "Britain's coppiced woodlands, the animals and plants that live in them, the coppice workers who look after them and the beanpoles and other coppice wood products they produce."
Meaker has been called up as cover for the beanpole quick who appears to be finding it trickier than thought to shake off a thigh injury suffered on day one of the tour.
It comes after the beanpole striker was hit with five penalty points in August for speeding after a match in Macclesfield.
The American, who has been struggling with his form this season, takes on Tobias Kamke in Rhode Island today for a place in tomorrow's final, but the German may cause the beanpole trouble.
He grew 12 inches in one year, and as he told me, "I was this 14-year-old beanpole." In a cricket match that year, the beanpole reached up for the ball, twisted, caught it ...
In an exclusive interview with People Sport, the beanpole hitman said: "I'm so happy at Spurs that I want to be here for the rest of my career.
Jermaine Defoe also netted - only his goal was as controversial as a night in a hotel room with the beanpole hitman.
Redknapp believes the beanpole striker is as essential to England's success in South Africa next summer as he is to Tottenham's flying start to the Premier League season.
PETER CROUCH will join up with manager Harry Redknapp for the third time in his career after Tottenham agreed a reported pounds 9m deal with Portsmouth for the beanpole striker.
"I bet Crouchie wouldstill be scoring if he was in your team," waged one scribe, in reference to the beanpole's painful lack of goals since moving to Anfield.
William Hill offer odds on his first Premiership goal coming with his head (5-6) or his feet (5-6), but also that the beanpole forward will hit his head on the famous This Is Anfield sign when running out (100-1
Use your knowledge of healthy fruits and vegetables to get to the top of the beanpole. Fill in each bean pod with the correct word.
Coates revealed last weekend he was not a fan of Pulis' move for the beanpole striker (above) 18 months ago - but backed it anyway.