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POLICE targets - the bane of life for bobbies on the beat wanting to do the best for victims of crime - were finally consigned to the bin this year in return for common sense policing.
There is also the argument that the measure has not played any part in reducing the "load-shedding" or power cuts that are the bane of life for many in Lahore and elsewhere across the country.
The ring tones that are the bane of life for thousands of people rang out loud and clear, both in the audience and onstage, during the concert devised by Midland composer Simon Turner.
We equate our need for it with a tempering of our appetites to avoid that hint of fat which, as every woman knows, is the bane of life.
This is a very important gathering at a time when infectious diseases are making an unfortunate comeback in developed nations and remain the bane of life for millions in the emerging world," said Professor Davis.