the ball is in your/somebody's court

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the ball is in (one's) court

One has the responsibility for further action, especially after someone else previously held responsibility. The phrase originated in tennis. Well, they invited you, so the ball is in your court now. Do you want to go out with them or not?
See also: ball, court

the ball is in your court

COMMON If the ball is in your court, it is your responsibility to decide what to do next in a particular situation. We've made him an offer but now he has to decide whether to accept: the ball is in his court. Note: This expression refers to the game of tennis.
See also: ball, court

the ball is in your/somebody’s ˈcourt

it is somebody’s turn to speak, act, etc. next: I’ve given them a list of the changes that I think are necessary, so the ball’s in their court now.
See also: ball, court