the awkward age

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awkward age

The period between childhood and adulthood, which many find to be the most difficult to navigate emotionally. I always cringe when I look back at the stuff I wrote during my awkward age, so full of angst and self-importance.
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the awkward age

See also: age, awkward

the ˈawkward age

the period when some young people have difficulties as they approach adult life: ‘Gary seems such a quiet boy.’ ‘Oh, he’s just at that awkward age — he’ll soon grow out of it.’
See also: age, awkward
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At the awkward age of thirteen, Arnold's turn came to accept a page of newspaper from his teacher and write about anything in it that interested him.
well, detour ("philosophical memoir" wouldn't be far off the mark), we encounter this story: Cappello has been trying to read Henry James's The Awkward Age.
Unworked and Unavowable: Community in The Awkward Age," exploring "the relation of speech-acts to community" (84), develops Jean-Luc Nancy's concept of La communaute desoeuvree, which Miller translates as the "unworked" community, to read the catachrestic aspect of language in The Awkward Age.
Nanda Brookenham's marriage prospects, in The Awkward Age, are severely restricted by the sexual knowledge to which she has been prematurely exposed according the Victorian mores of sexuality operative within the novel's fictive cadre.
Tippett--I do indeed know that the girl in the telegraph booth was from "In The Cage," and thanks for reminding us all that The Awkward Age, written at the end of this period, was another adolescent character study in which James seemed to try an end-run around the stage by presenting a play between book covers.
This Season One DVD contains all 25 episodes as Angry Kid gets to grip with life at the awkward age between childhood and becoming a teenager.
27); 'Hawthorne sides with romance and allegory'; The Awkward Age is 'surely about America'; The Portrait of a Lady 'flags its interest in allegory via Mrs Touchett' (p.
At the awkward age of 17, I had bought the line that good manners, high SAT scores, and a small dress size would assure a lifetime's worth of happiness.
When she returns to Maisie and The Awkward Age, where 'the duplications and imitations are not a problem but the very source of meaning and identity' (p.
In chapter three, the twin focus is on the preface's `delineation of the conflict between the logic of history and the logic of fiction' in relation to The Aspern Papers and The Awkward Age.
Where chapters are given to six novels, while The Awkward Age, The Ambassadors, 'The Turn of the Screw', and 'In the Cage' are included in the discussion, it may seem carping to complain about what is not there.
At one point Cross does what I have often done in lectures on James: offer a simplified version of a sentence alongside the actual one - in this case from The Awkward Age.
Written mostly in dialogue with limited narrative explanation, The Awkward Age is the story of Nanda Brookenham, a young society woman whose attempts at marriage are foiled by various members of her mother's social circle.
What James bit off is by now dated, musty--in The Awkward Age, for example, the question of whether a teenage girl should listen to adult conversation--but James's dramatic and moral elaborations have kept the book alive, even in this era when sex and violence are a child's daily TV fare.
What Maisie Knew, The Spoils of Poynton, The Turn of the Screw, The Awkward Age, and The Sacred Fount are all products of these experiments.