the sixty-four-dollar question

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the sixty-four-dollar question

A question that is very important and difficult or complex to answer. Taken from the title of the 1940s radio program Take It or Leave It, in which the big prize was 64 silver dollars. The sixty-four-dollar question now is whether he should choose his former opponent as a running mate. A: "Do you want to get Italian or Chinese tonight?" B: "Well, that's the sixty-four-dollar question, isn't it?"
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sixty-four-dollar question

Fig. the most important question; the question that everyone wants to know the answer to. Who will win? Now, that is the sixty-four-dollar question. Now for the sixty-four-dollar question. What's the stock market going to do this year?
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the sixty-four-dollar question

n. the most important question; the question that everyone wants to know the answer to. When? Now, that is the sixty-four-dollar question.
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$64 question

The essential or ultimate question. One of the most popular radio quiz shows during the 1940s was Take It or Leave It in which contestants strived to answer question after question until they reached the top prize of sixty-four silver dollars. The questions increased in difficulty, and at any point contestants could choose to stop and keep the amount of money they had won to that point. The phrase “$64 dollar question” became a catchword to the point that it became the program's name, and people applied the phrase to any very important question or matter. Even more popular was the 1950s television spinoff, The $64,000 Question, with the phrase, now adjusted to inflation, catching on in popular speech, but not to the extent that its antecedent did.
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Everyone wanted information: when can we fly, where is our plane and, the $64 question, when will the runway open.
And now we come to the $64 question: What is to be done?
So the $64 question (as we used to say in the middle of the last century) is: What are realistic economic development goals?
The $64 question is, "What do I use to glean this information?" That is the simplest, yet most difficult to answer for a beginning PAT team.
Everything being transparent, we go to the $64 question: How did the 2013 Philippine election compare?
Which brings us to the $64 question: Was the 1973 Battle of the Sexes in front of 30,000 fans on the level?
Late Innings, like Sullivan's previous baseball document compilations, Early Innings (1825-1908) and Middle Innings (1900-1948), also contains historical images, including a 1953 poster put out by the Bronx County American Labor Party asking "The $64 Question: Why Does the N.Y.
Meanwhile, as Celtic prepare to kick-off the new season against Dundee United, here's the $64 question.
To do this, I ask the client what I call the $64 Question: In what ways has your injury significantly affected your life?
How to do it is the $64 question. A lot of people says it's impossible.
Peck: Now for the $64 question - what do you foresee as the timing for publication of the Final Rule for MDS 2.0 and, in connection with it, of the software mandate for nursing homes that was originally scheduled for last October?
The $64 question being asked by sociologists now is whether or not Turkish society is changing and gradually becoming more individualistic, or if it will stay predominantly group-oriented.
That leads me to the $64 question posed to Hornady's Johnson, "What's the.
As one popular cliche goes, that's the $64 question posed to our law enforcement authorities, principally to the Philippine National Police (PNP).