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thaw out

to warm up from being frozen. How long will it take for the chicken to thaw out? I can't wait for the cake to thaw out. I want some now!
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thaw someone or something out

to raise the temperature of someone or something above freezing; to warm someone up. We need to get inside so I can thaw my brother out. His toes are almost frozen. Did you thaw out the chicken?
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thaw out

1. To change from a frozen solid to a liquid by gradual warming: The lake won't thaw out until the middle of April.
2. To lose stiffness, numbness, or impermeability by being warmed: The skiers gathered around the fireplace to thaw out.
3. To cause something to lose stiffness, numbness, or impermeability by being warmed: The hot sun thawed out the frozen ground. Get another stick of butter from the freezer, and thaw it out in the microwave.
4. To become less formal, aloof, or reserved: The new babysitter looked stern but quickly thawed out after meeting the children.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. Tad is sort of soppy, you might say, thawed.
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More than 100 volunteers, including DTE Energy and THAW employees, will distribute energy-efficiency materials to approximately 125 homes.
Thaw didn't really need a partner but in these two series he was galvanised by having one.
Tomorrow's fixture at Catterick has already been called off, but officials are hopeful that Huntingdon on Friday can take place with a thaw expected throughout the week.
Phil Younge, the Environment Agency's regional flood and coastal risk manager, said: "We continue to closely monitor weather conditions and river levels which currently have capacity to cope with water from a gradual thaw.
The objective of this study was to assess the effect of different thaw temperatures on post-thaw blastocyst development.
Large and stable ice crystals form in the freezing process and recrystallization during the thaw can damage the sperm plasma membrane and mitochondria (Courtens et al.
Thaw a frozen turkey using one of the three methods that follow.
Just like when an ice cube melts and leaves behind a lower volume of water, if ice crystals within the soil were to thaw, the soil would take up less space.
Typically, a pint of latex or paint (in a one-pint plastic can) is stored at 0[degrees]F (-18[degrees]C) for about 17 hr and then removed and is allowed to thaw for 7 hr undisturbed at ambient temperature.
A remake of TV classic Inspector Morse is set to return to the small screen - two years after the death of its star, John Thaw.
IT ISjust over a year since the actor John Thaw died leaving agaping hole in the lives of many television viewers.
Thaw, who died of throat cancer in February, asked 69-year-old Sheila to let her choose something to remember him by.
The death of John Thaw on February 21 came as a shock to friends and fans, even though he announced last June he was suffering from cancer of the oesophagus.
THE acting world was today mourning the loss of John Thaw after the Inspector Morse star died from throat cancer.
THE acting world was today coming to terms with the loss of John Thaw after the Inspector Morse star lost his battle with cancer.