That depends

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that (all) depends

The possibility or likelihood of some outcome depends on one or more unspecified factors. A: "So, would you be willing to join our company?" B: "Well, that depends—what kind of salary are we talking about?" Is it legal? Yes. Is it ethical? Well, that all depends.
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That (all) depends.

My answer depends on factors that have yet to be discussed. Tom: Will you be able to come to the meeting on Thursday night? Mary: That all depends. Bob: Can I see you again? Sally: That depends.
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it/that (all) deˈpends

(informal) perhaps; possibly: ‘Would you marry him if he asked you to?’ ‘I might. It all depends.’‘But is it right to send people to prison?’ ‘It depends what you mean by right!’
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Moreover, Morrison's novel questions rigid separatism as ultimately destructive of coalitions that depend on forms of justice which remain grounded in inequitable power relations, particularly if the separatism functions on a patriarchal, hierarchical model; however, the text also explores the possibilities and even necessity of temporary forms of separatism in the formation of coalitions.
Nevertheless, as Boynton told SCIENCE NEWS, "We see an effect consistent with a fifth force that depends on composition.' The report also shows how the previous experiments, both positive and negative, can be made consistent with each other and with this one on the assumption that the fifth force acts in a certain way.
The best explanation seemed to be that another force was acting--a medium-range force that was repulsive but much weaker than ordinary gravity, and that depended on the nature of the substance involved, as ordinary gravity does not.
Fishbach's fifth force is a kind of negative gravity, a component of gravity that is repulsive for ordinary matter and that depends on the nature of the substances involved, as ordinary gravity does not.