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1. verb To replenish a battery by connecting it to an electrical source. I have to charge my phone because the battery just died. When my car wouldn't start this morning, I had to call a service to help me charge the battery.
2. noun Control or authority over someone or something. To convey this meaning, the phrase "in charge" is typically used. With this promotion, you will be in charge of the entire department. You need to take charge of this situation before it gets out of control.
3. noun Strong feelings of excitement. I get such a charge from singing on stage that I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight!
4. noun A drug-induced high. Be careful taking that stuff—I got too much of a charge from it last time.
5. noun A dose or portion of a drug. I just need a little charge—isn't there anything you can give me, man?

*charge (of someone or something)

control of someone or something; the responsibility for caring for someone or something. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; give someone ~.) How long have you had charge of this office? He took charge of the entire company.

charge someone or something (with) something

to make someone or a group pay the cost of something. I will have to charge Bill with the cost of repairs. The manager will charge your account with about forty dollars.


(something) for someone to demand an amount of money to pay for someone's ticket, fare, admission, treatment, etc. Tickets are expensive. They charged sixty dollars for each seat. I didn't realize they charged for children.


1. n. a dose or portion of a drug. (Drugs.) Just a little charge till I can get to my candy man.
2. n. a drug’s rush. (Drugs.) What kind of charge do you expect out of half-cashed weed?
3. n. a thrill. I got a tremendous charge out of your last letter.


See also: charge
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It means that Charge Your Car members in the UK can now access some 15,000 points in Holland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium.
CTA Digital ( makes charging Wii Remotes and DSi/DSi XL units simple with two new induction chargers that charge multiple Wii Remotes and a DSi or DSi XL unit simultaneously, adding convenience for Nintendo fan households.
Many operations that charge material in this manner stipulate that the material must reach a "mushy" stage before introduction into the molten pool.
For example, if the document provides that the company pay the law firm $.25 per page for photocopies, the CPA's examination may question the reasonableness of that charge.
To explain their results, the researchers drew on research done in 1950, which demonstrated that charge separation by selective incorporation of ions into ice can occur during the freezing of bulk water when low concentrations of salts are present in the liquid.
Physicians with MAAC limits above 125 percent of the Medicare reasonable charge for nonparticipating physicians will be limited to 125 percent of that charge. As a result, physicians who have historically charged Medicare beneficiaries a lesser amount will continue to be limited on the basis of these lower charges.
In addition, papermakers have generally learned that charge demand titrations provide a better basis for process control, compared to zeta potential (EM) or streaming potential (SP) measurements.
For money orders, the proportion of institutions that charge and the average charge can differ, depending on whether the purchaser is a customer of the institution, that is, on whether the purchaser has an account there.
For each item, information is presented both on the percentage of institutions that charge a fee and on the average fee calculated for those institutions that charge.
The major credit card issuers generally impose a fee on merchants that honor credit cards and at the same time prohibit merchants from directly passing that charge on to cardholders.
The survey by Payment Systems, Inc., also found convenience users and revolvers to be equally likely to respond to solicitations for credit cards that charge no annual fee.
Belkin International has announced the Middle East availability of the BOOSTaaeUP Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch + USB-A port, the one-dock "charging station" that charges three devices from a single outlet.