that's the ticket

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that's the ticket

That is exactly the thing that is or was needed or called for. That's the ticket, yes, please lie down. A short nap will have you refreshed in no time. That's the ticket, Chuck. Great idea!
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That's the ticket!

Inf. That is what is required! Mary: I'll just get ready and drive the package directly to the airport! Sue: That's the ticket. Take it right to the airport post office. Bob: I've got it! I'll buy a new computer! Bill: That's the ticket!

ˈthat’s the ticket

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) used to say that something is just what is needed or that everything is just right
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That’s the ticket!

exclam. That is exactly what is needed! Good! That’s the ticket! Now you’re cooking with gas.

that's the ticket

That’s exactly right; that’s what is wanted. There is considerable dispute about the origin of this colloquial term, which has been around since the early nineteenth century. One theory holds that it is a corruption of the French C’est l’etiquette, meaning “It’s the proper course to pursue.” Another holds it comes from the custom of nineteenth-century charities issuing tickets to the poor for obtaining soup, coal, and other necessities. That might explain its use in an early British reference, W. N. Glascock’s Sketch-Book (1834), cited by Eric Partridge. An early American reference, in Thomas Haliburton’s Sam Slick tale The Clockmaker (1838), would not fit, however. Possibly, it has been suggested, the term refers to a political ticket. Or perhaps it means a winning ticket in a lottery. Also put as just the ticket, it has by now reached cliché status.
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Write-in UNABOMBER For PRESIDENT '96." Yeah, that's the ticket for a far-out fireworks show.
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